If you have been charged on suspicion of DUI and don’t know what to do, you should call a defense lawyer. Indeed, it is the most important thing to do because you have a right to legal representation. But before that, there are some other crucial steps to follow, such as cooperating with the police officer.

DUI Offense


Getting arrested for driving under alcohol influence or intoxication is a serious issue. Knowing the following tips can help minimize the penalties if you are guilty:

Cooperate with the Officials at All Times

When being charged with DUI, cooperate with the authorities and do as you are told. It may be a suspicion, or you are severely intoxicated. Either way, remember that a lack of consent may go against you in the trial.

Refrain from making any sudden movements or arguing with the officer. From the officer’s viewpoint, you could be a violent person carrying a deadly weapon. So, when they ask you to pull over, keep your hand firmly on the steering wheel, where they can see clearly.

Take the BAC and Chemical Tests

In most states, BAC level tests and chemical tests are mandatory when arrested on DUI. If you refuse, it can be punishable by law. They include breathalyzer tests, urine, or blood tests to check the blood alcohol levels.

Sometimes, they may conduct field sobriety tests on the spot, such as walking in a straight line. The rest of the tests mentioned above are performed when they take you to a police station.

Wait at the Police Station

Depending on the case specifics, you may require to stay at the police station for several hours. For first-time offenders, the process may be longer, including taking mugshots and fingerprints.

Based on the severity of your intoxication, an investigator may ask you for details about the circumstances. This is also the time to prepare for a bail bond if you think you are wrongly accused.

Contact Your Attorney

At the police station, you will have the opportunity to call a defense lawyer. Before your lawyer arrives, it is best not to say anything that can be used against you. You will also get the contact information of the towing company that impounded your car.

Also, you may be released on bond. Hence, have a friend or relative arrange the bail amount soon or locate a bail bond agent. Either way, you are likely to appear in court, also called arraignment.

In the Court

Be honest and leave out nothing when you explain the details of the arrest to your lawyer. Your defense attorney can develop a strong argument to protect you during the court proceedings.

Most first-time offenders get probation for a DUI or mandatory community service as their penalty. There may be other court referral programs like risk reduction courses, substance abuse treatment, etc.

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If you get convicted, the DUI will probably stay on record permanently. Remember not to plead guilty as it could affect your future employment, personal life, and living situation. An expected defense lawyer with an in-depth understanding of DUI laws can help you win a favorable outcome.