Let’s face it. We all watch anime, regardless of how little time we have on our hands or how old we are. Some people pay for it, and some stream it online. And there are those of us who live a pirate’s life and turn to other methods to acquire anime titles and series that are not readily available and hard to access. But overall, there is something about the phenomenon that keeps us tight in our seats and makes you want to know what happens in the next episode. It is an indescribable sensation you feel in your gut that screams for more. In this piece, we will share what titles you can binge-watch for this year of 2021.

Our Recommendations

We can fill this list up with dozens and dozens of titles, but that will take a lot of time. And you can bet that a single article will not be enough to cover all of it. So we have narrowed things down to a list you might want to give a shot the next time you would watch.


If you are a fan of main characters being transported into a different world and starting a new life, then the series Overlord is a swell pick for you. It is a fantasy anime where anything can and will happen. Can you imagine a powerful and undead wizard being the main character? Overlord boasts that kind of flair without messing the show’s integrity. Watching the series might make you ask yourself what could happen in such a strange world if you suddenly find yourself in it.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon is an anime like Overlord. Much like the former, it focuses on characters who find themselves in a strange setting, unaware and unsure of their next move. The show’s main character, Shiroe, is someone who has trouble making social interactions. To address this, he forms a guild named Log Horizon. The show will keep you watching episode after episode, as it boasts well-written storylines and an impressive world-building scheme you won’t find in other titles easily.

The Promised Neverland

We skip over from whimsical fantasy to mystery, intrigue, and suspense. That is what The Promised Neverland is all about. The show circles around a group of children who reside in a quaint foster home where every day seems like an ordinary one without anything extraordinary happening. Things abruptly change once they realize that everything is not as it seems and that something dark and sinister is working behind the scenes. And it takes all of their collective wits to make it through and see the light of day. The show is a sure-fire hit for viewers who love unexpected plot-twists, psychological thrills, and finding out what it means to survive and become human.


Beastars is a relatively new series that focuses on your not-so-average school life that involves anthropomorphic animals. The show focuses on Legoshi, a wolf who experiences your everyday school life mishaps and woes. It mixes comedy and romance, with a little bit of mystery and action on the side. It is currently in its second season, and you can watch it on many platforms online. The show’s second season will be out sometime this year.

Cells at work

Ever wonder what it is like if your body was an immense workplace where the cells, organs, tissue, and other things work together to keep everything functioning? That is the premise Cells at work highlights. The show’s protagonist is a red blood cell. She finds herself in all sorts of scenarios around the human body. Give Cells at work a go if you are in for something different and unconventional.

Our Final Thoughts

There are more series you can find online. With some of them being new and out just this year alone. However, we recommend these titles because we believe they are more than shows. It’s not just about intense action scenes and crazy storylines, but you can also learn a lesson or two from them. And we believe that this aspect is one of many that makes an anime title worth watching. So what are you waiting for right now? Go ahead and start watching already!