Happily bidding goodbye to 2024, the year of the virus, we have entered the first quarter of the new year with a silver lining finally available in the form of Vaccines. With the new year shining bright for all of us, expecting some revolutionary web development changes is a sure call.
web development Trends

The possible commercialization of new technologies like high speed 5G internet would lead to havoc-wreaking amendments in the digital world. It would be a boon to AI, ML, AR, VR, etc. This blog will discuss the top 10 trends that would be dominating web development in 2024.

We have prepared the list after careful market research and the preference of common people. With no more hither and thither, let's look at them.

Here's the list of expected top 10 Web Development Trends in 2024

1. Progressive Web Apps will soar high in the sky

Offering a native app-like experience to users and saving the investing firms' expense, the Progressive web apps have become a win-win situation for all. Their exceptional advantages of offering sensational speed, accessibility without an internet connection, screen responsiveness, installation feature, etc., makes them an ideal choice for firms to invest in.

With so many benefits that come along the way, it is not surprising that they have a 36% higher conversion rate than the native mobile apps as per developer stats. A significant reason behind it is the high decrement in page loading time and highly engaging content with progressive web apps.

Renowned brands including Uber, Twitter, Instagram are already making the most of it. Thus, it is wise to invest in progressive web app development companies in India to stay ahead in the game.

2. AI-enabled Chatbots to aid in Customer service

AI-enabled Chatbots

Ever since their introduction, Chatbots have come a long way, and with AI integration, they have become an efficient marketing tool for firms. AI-powered chatbots effectively serve as a **24/7 customer service** team to visitors of the websites, enhancing the experience of the users landing on a page.

The worldwide revenue of Chatbots gets expected to cross a whopping 454.8 Million U.S dollars by 2027. This incredible growth clearly shows a favorable market for investing in AI-enabled chatbots.

3. Machine Learning CRMs for informed decisions

Handling tons and tons of data can be cumbersome and requires years of expertise to ensure an ideal decision. However, machine Learning company provides services based on customer relationship management has successfully bid goodbye to such worries effectively.

ML based CRMS are a hot piece of cake when discussing web development trends as, according to Forbes, their market value is to reach $20.83 billion by 2024. You can judge their efficiency over the fact that approximately 75% of Netflix users watch films recommended by the Firm's ML algorithms.

4. Minimalist Designing that's focused on leading product and services

The minimalist design approach is now among the most preferred web development trends. Opting for the optimum amount of blank or white space so that the visitors can focus on the firm's primary products and services helps firms achieve high levels of conversions.

Such designs get marked with solid backgrounds, large size images, and minimal content that are catchy and engaging. This design approach is being followed by both hefty billion enterprises like Microsoft, Dropbox, etc., and by various startups.

5. Voice Recognition for enhancing personalization

Voice Recognition

As per Grand View Research, the voice recognition market is expected to reach 31.82 billion USD by 2025, less than five years from now. The rage in voice recognition trend is visible everywhere, and the eCommerce giant Amazon has already sold more than a million Alexa powered devices.

As voice eCommerce crosses the technical barriers for people of all ages, it is already wreaking havoc in both the digital and real world. The voice technology successfully bridges the gap between people who find it tough to use technology, like senior citizens, people with low literacy, etc.

In fact, according to OC & C Strategy Consultants, voice technology will cross the $40 billion mark by 2022 only. Investing in smart assistants with voice recognition features is now an effective strategy for enhancing conversions.

6. All in one single page websites

Scrolling offers continuity and a better flow as compared to clicking. It is particularly evident when a user visits a website or web app over a mobile device like smartphones, tablets, etc. An additional advantage of such designs is less cost owing to rapid development.

All the information like About Us, FAQs, etc., are well structured over the main page in a hierarchy order, which helps to retain visitors' focus. Studies as per Designmodo suggest that single page websites enhance the conversion rate up to 37% as visitors can easily navigate the entire page without getting lost.

7. Serverless is to become mainstream

Big brand names like Coca-Cola, Netflix, etc., are already ensuring their websites and apps' high scalability by investing in the serverless stack. The serverless technology has a compound annual growth rate of 22.7% and is expected to cross a whopping 21.1 billion USD by 2025.

Going serverless is also feasible for entrepreneurs and heads of startups as it comes with the convenience of paying only what you have used for. This makes it unique among multiple options as companies can go for optimum scalability levels with the growing business.

8. Blockchain Technology in diverse ways

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is not a new thing for web development trends. Introduced in the world by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2004, the technology is adaptable to a diverse range of applications, be it music royalties tracking, cross border payments, cryptocurrencies, supply chain monitoring, etc.

As per Statista, the worldwide revenue of blockchain technology will reach more than double its value in 2021 compared to that of 2020. The estimated growth is a stunning 7 billion USD in 2021 compared to 3 billion USD in 2020.

This year, we are bound to witness more rapid blockchain applications in new innovative ways and traditional forms like real-time IoT operating systems, document sharing, etc.

9. Advance screen-size adaptation of the web platforms

Being on the web automatically means being global for the investing firms. As per Developer's Stats, more than 50% of visitors access a website from mobile. The concept of screen adaptation is not new, but the expected number of smartphone users to reach 3.8 billion in 2021 puts additional pressure on the designers and developers.

Thus, we will have advanced mobile responsive designs from web development companies across the world. As different firms manufacture mobile and computer devices of diverse screen sizes producing the optimum levels of screen responsive websites will always be in trend.

10. Push Notifications for more incredible conversion on web apps

Push notifications are now available over web apps, and the current year might observe their tremendous use to enhance the rate of conversions. Push notifications are also highly effective in improving the recovery rate of abandoned carts of eCommerce platforms.

So, the availability of push notifications over web apps of small and medium-sized enterprises can prove to be a game-changer.

Final Words

That was all about the top 10 web development trends we can expect in 2024. Investing in an experienced web development company in India can help you leverage the expected trend's benefits.

It is best to connect with Indian firms as they offer an affordable rate and smooth communication channel for you to monitor the project.