While you're planning to take your car for maintenance and repair, make sure you don't meet crooked car mechanics who are funnier in movies, but not all a joke in real life. Looking for a car mechanic is essential and trustworthy is hard to find nowadays. Some of them intend to keep your vehicle in good condition, while some car mechanics are notorious as they charge a hefty sum of money for shoddy work.

Car Mechanic
Therefore, it's very important to find a car mechanic who can conduct routine maintenance for your vehicle and repair the significant problems. It is essential to build a professional relationship with a car mechanic so that he will be able to look after the repairs and damages quickly and carefully if something ever goes wrong. And if a cordial relationship with the car mechanic is maintained, your vehicle is also in good hands because he will know the ins and outs of your car and help keep it properly.

There are several ways of seeking a good car mechanic, but you need to do a little more research and old-fashioned sleuthing. Thus, here are some things to know while you're looking for a car mechanic.

Take Your Vehicle to Dealership Owners

Based on the annual surveys, many customers are only satisfied with the independent shops over the car dealerships. For instance, if you had bought a new vehicle from a dealership, you can help a car mechanic who is already employed as a technician there. He might know about the updates and specific parts of the vehicle that the dealership sells for that particular vehicle.

Ask Questions

Some garages specialize in specific types of cars. Before you hand over your vehicle at the garage, ask the car mechanic if he's familiar with your car model. Suppose he can give the information on the necessary repairs that are required for your vehicle. Ask about the estimation and referrals. Ask if an invoice will be provided after the repairs are completed.

Get Suggestions from Friends & Family

One of the easiest ways of locating a trustworthy car mechanic is by word of mouth. You can get suggestions and referrals from your friends and family members who have already been in contact with a car mechanic. This way, you can quickly get in touch with someone familiar with others as well.

Look for a Certification

Usually, all garages are cluttered and dirty, but they should have proof they are certified by the Automotive Service Associations (ASE) or by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. In addition, the garage should be able to prove they have a trade insurance quote or similar insurance in place. Certification and insurance should show the garage in question is a genuine business. 

Get an Estimation in Writing

When you meet the actual car mechanic to discuss the damages and problems, estimate the total repair cost in writing to avoid disputes. Failing which, a much higher price will be calculated while picking up the car. The estimation can be signed by both the car owner and the car mechanic as an agreement.

Don't Forget to Ask About Warranties

Don’t forget to ask your car mechanic about the warranty of the repair work? Although warranties vary among the different garages, it's better late than never. Discuss the warranties and guarantees before leaving the garage. In the end, get an assurance letter from the car mechanic regarding the vehicle’s services.


The considerations mentioned above will help you know whether the car mechanic is trustworthy and professional. It's better to stay away from those infamous car mechanics, who take up the work at cheap prices and provide cheap quality work along with unprofessional behaviour. Ensure your vehicle is treated well and is in the best hands of a knowledgeable car mechanic.