In the last decade, innumerable people were struggling with heroin addiction and took refuge in methadone treatment. Health experts also use methadone as a substitution therapy in place of painkillers and opiates. Individuals who want to get rid of opiate addiction and are unable to tackle the withdrawal symptoms consume methadone, another medium of opiate. Methadone treatment must accompany counselling and therapy under the supervision of experts. South Dakota methadone clinics consist of experts who offer a new lease of life to patients suffering from substance disorder.

The objective of using methadone to treat substance abuse

The objective of providing a methadone treatment to patients trying to get rid of opium addiction is to bring them back to a more organic living. In addition to the consumption of methadone, the patients also require counselling and therapy. Once the individuals regain their health, they must volunteer for social service to recuperate and progress towards well-being.

Function of methadone

When people are under substance abuse, there is an intense craving for the drug despite knowing the harmful effects. The addiction to heroin drug results in several relapses as the patient cannot refrain from consuming heroin even after Detox. At such a juncture, methadone treatment comes in handy as it helps individuals to prevent relapse. Methadone provides the same response to the brain as heroin and other pain killers. When people consume methadone in the process of recovery, they do not suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms related to heroin. Methadone consumption combats craving and checks relapse of the disorder.

Here are a few perks of consuming methadone to treat substance abuse

  •  Increase chances of complete recovery of the patient.
  •  Resulting in overall well-being due to better quality of life.
  • Better social living resulting from improved functioning of the brain.
  • Relief from infection caused by consumption of opiate, specifically through injecting the drug.
  • Cutting back on criminal activities due to discontinuation of wrongful drug consumption.
  • Improvement in the quality of treatment in the absence of withdrawal symptoms.
Many times, individuals undertaking methadone therapy recover in the early stages and focus on other aspects such as counselling. Since health care providers tap the root cause of opiate addiction, they can revive quickly and live a stable life. Patients under methadone treatment can strike a balance between career and parenting. In case of any legal circumstances associated with their addiction, individuals receive evidence of their participation in the methadone maintenance program.

In addition to treating opiate abuse, people can also get rid of alcohol and other illicit drugs. Although treatment through methadone is long-winded, people can minimize consumption as they begin to get better. However, the transition must take place under medical supervision.

Dosage of methadone drug

Some doctors recommend the consumption of methadone daily by visiting the clinic, while others provide dosages that patients can consume from home. The severity of addiction determines the kind of dosage required by the affected. Patients who are permitted to carry their dosage home receive a small amount of medication. On the other hand, people with severe addiction must visit the clinic. Although there are several other medication treatments to treat opiate addiction yet methadone is proved maximally effective.

Impact of the treatment

Some individuals under methadone replacement therapy experience few and unwanted symptoms such as sweating, stomach pain, and irregular bowel movement. Besides a few mild side effects, some individuals suffer from adverse symptoms due to methadone consumption

  • Obstructive breathing
  • Malfunction of sexual organs
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Anxiety and unrest
  • Itchiness and scratchy skin
If you undergo any of the above symptoms, you must immediately contact your health care provider. Your doctor might adjust your treatment or provide any other alternative medication that suits your condition.

In addition to the above side effects, the greatest danger of undertaking methadone treatment is the abuse of the methadone drug. In the process of being agonist methadone, it can be addictive. Therefore, few doctors are not in favour of treatment through methadone consumption as they call it replacing one addiction with another. Even if an individual is not addicted to the drug, they may have an increased dependency on methadone which may result in the following ill effects

  • Some individuals suffer from inflammation of limbs.
  • Patients with excessive methadone consumption can lose interest in sexual activities.
  • Dependency on methadone results in respiratory ailments leading to difficulty in breathing.
  • Methadone addiction adversely affects the patient's appetite resulting in low blood pressure and digestive issues such as nausea and constipation.
  • Some individuals may also cause cardiac issues such as missed heartbeat.
  • Methadone addiction can lead to insomnia and depression.

Appropriateness of methadone treatment

After going through the advantages as well as disadvantages of methadone treatment, individuals might be in a dilemma whether to opt for methadone treatment to treat such addiction or not. The choice of treatment depends on the patient as well as the supervising doctor. Your health care provider will examine you with the help of an assessment. Thus, the medical team will devise a treatment that suits your needs. Several outpatient treatment options are offered at the methadone clinic Los Angeles for breaking the cycle of opiate addiction.