If you work in Marketing, you are definitely aware of how time-consuming it is. You need to constantly come up with new strategies or ads to bring your business as much revenue as possible.

It's not always just about how much you sit at work, but also about how efficiently you work. If you do the same activity every day, where you spend tens of hours a week, it would definitely help you to automate this activity.

Whether you're dealing with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other advertising network, believe me, most of the work you do can be done for you.

If you are using Google Ads you probably know, it has several features for automation. In this article, we will look into what are the benefits of automation, what you can automate in Google Ads and how the usage of different tools can make your life easier.

Google Ads

Benefits of automation

There are many benefits of automation. Automation helps small businesses stay relevant and competitive while allowing large businesses to keep up with the demands of their many customers.

So what are the benefits of automation?

Save time

Campaigns can be scheduled in advance, which means you can focus your work time on other projects. Whether it's advertising campaigns on Google Ads or planning to publish on social networks.
Increase your productivity

Automation frees up your marketing team or you from performing repetitive tasks and gives you the capacity to brainstorm new ideas and increase productivity in other areas. This allows you to spend the time saved on areas you want to improve, such as improving your website or brand.


By saving time, you have more room to personalize. As a result, you will have more time that you can devote to your clients and thus strengthen your brand or gain even more clients.

Saving money

Everyone knows that agency services are not a cheap affair. That's why I recommend starting to automate, where the tool or feature can save you a lot of money.

Improved return on investment

By targeting customers more specifically, your marketing expenses are used wisely and effectively. So you can improve your ROI.

Automation in Google Ads

In this part, we will focus on automation directly in Google Ads. We'll look at what Google has to offer and automate certain tasks and processes to help with your Google ads.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Google itself offers automation for some of its ads. For example, these are Smart Shopping campaigns.

You will need to create a Google Merchant Center account for this type of campaign. Once created, all you have to do is upload your product XML feed and you can create Smart Shopping campaigns with a few clicks.

A huge advantage of these campaigns is that they work with artificial intelligence that was developed directly by Google experts. With Smart Shopping campaigns, you can advertise in a few minutes on the Google Network with a combination of image and text ads to increase your conversions. It should also be mentioned that Smart Shopping campaigns also include dynamic remarketing, which can help you bring visitors back to your site after they are indecisive and leave.

This type of advertising is fully automated, so Google Ads does most of the work for you. You can also take advantage of various automated features, such as Smart Bidding, in which Google itself determines the cost of clicks on your ads. First, there is a so-called learning phase, where Google finds out what works best for you based on your goals. This will save you time and you don't have to constantly monitor the height of your bids.

Automated campaign optimization

In addition to the Smart Bidding strategy, Google Ads offers several options for optimizing your campaigns.

An algorithm developed by Google itself can work directly with the value of your orders that a particular campaign brings you. Note that it is extremely important to set up an order, conversion, and value metrics correctly. Subsequently, Google strives to deliver the highest value of orders for the money you invest.

The most ideal case would be if automation gives you order value that pays off to increase your advertising investment. This is also possible with Google and the right settings. You can also use some tools, for example, BlueWinston, to automate the creation and optimization of your campaigns.

Responsive display ads

This ad type is the default ad type on the Display Network. They can be used with standard campaigns as well as smart display campaigns. However, you will need an XML product feed as well as Smart Shopping campaigns, which should contain an image, title, logo or videos and descriptions.

With this type, you can easily optimize your ads, have a wider reach, and of course, save time. They are also suitable for dynamic remarketing. You can read more about them on the official Google support site.

Dynamic search ads

These ads are the easiest way to find exactly the customers who are looking for what you have to offer. They're suitable for advertisers with sophisticated sites or a large number of products because they use site content to target ads and help you fill in the gaps in your keyword-based campaigns.

Instead of taking hours to prepare text ads manually, dynamic ads can save you time and create products automatically with artificial intelligence. With this type of ad, content is automatically generated from your site's content. Read more on the official Google support site.


As we mentioned before, there are several reasons why to start automating your daily tasks. It can really bring you more customers, improve your branding or services. If you are using Google Ads, we are suggesting you start one of their automated campaigns such as Smart Shopping Ads. If you want to start with Shopping ads use the CSS Partner and get a better cost-per-click.

Besides them, you can use Smart Bidding to let Google AI control your biddings, or you can use remarketing strategies and bring back customers who left your site for several reasons.

It is really important to start automating tasks that take you a long time. You will feel the difference in the first month you decide on automation.

Author name: Silvia Sýkorová
Short Author Bio: Consultant for online business and marketing. Account manager for BlueWinston - Automated product tool for Google Ads and CSS Shopping in EU.