All smokers understand the dangers of their habit. When these thoughts pop up, it can be easy to push them out of mind. As vapers, most of us used to have a cigarette addiction too and we understand how difficult it can be to shift. T-Juice UK collected fifteen of our best reasons to try and push you over the line.

1. More life

We’re coming out firing with the big guns. There’s no hiding the fact that smokers are more likely to die an early death with decades of smoking in their past. Higher risk of horrible health problems such as heart disease or various kinds of cancer are too serious to ignore. For the sake of yourself and your family, the years you add to your life can be in the decades if you decide to quit smoking.

2. Lung health

Due to the damage smoking quite clearly does to the lungs, smokers will understand the feeling of being out of breath walking up the stairs. It doesn’t take long for that to change. Only a few days after you quit you’ll feel the difference already, with lung capacity gradually improving every few months you quit. If you’ve had to stop playing football or exercising because of your lungs, you’ll be able to get involved with all those activities again!

3. Better blood circulation

Again, only a few days after you quit your blood circulation will become even more powerful. All the additional oxygen in your blood makes you more alert, with exercise becoming even easier. As we said previously, that means being able to improve other aspects of your health with regular running or sports becoming a normal part of your life again.

4. Better in bed

Who could say no to this one? Stopping smoking means, if you’re a man, your sperm are much more effective at doing their job. If you’re a woman, the lining of your womb will be even more receptive than usual without the cigarettes. That’s just another reason why quitting smoking is so important if you’re at that stage in your life where you want to start a family.

5. Clearer taste buds

Having a more receptive tongue is one of the best bonuses of quitting smoking. All your favourite foods will taste even better when you ditch the cigarettes. The explosion of flavour that you experience when you go to your first restaurant a few weeks after smoking is something you’ll never forget. Why not try some of your favourite old recipes too?

6. Stop the ageing process

Who wants to look beyond their years? Most smokers in their 30s look much older than they actually are because smoking has stopped their skin’s ability to regenerate. No amount of skin products can slow down that train if you’re still puffing away on your cigarettes.

7. No more bad breath

Aside from the obvious benefits to your oral health, stopping smoking can revitalise your breath and do away with that smoking stench. That also means less money spent at the dentist and more people wanting to hang around with you. If you don’t want to do it for yourself - do it for us.

8. Bigger wallet

We don’t have to tell you smoking is expensive and it’s only going to get worse. Even lighter smokers on half a pack a day will easily spend over £1,500 annually. The options for your future suddenly open up with that kind of money. Whether you want to save it up or invest in a business, there are so many ways of using that spare change. We say save that money and go on a nice holiday.

9. Get more sleep

Those who smoke are five times more likely to feel tired and groggy when they wake up. Stop smoking and your ability to get a good night’s kip will increase massively. This will inevitably lead to more productive days, alongside a brighter outlook on life and a better state of mind.

10 Stop the shivers

Standing outside when you're craving some drags of a death stick really isn’t nice. Imagine those nights at the pub without standing in the cold every half an hour? You’ll spend more time with your friends and won’t feel embarrassed about having to leave the table every thirty minutes.

11. Stop stressing

A lot of smokers rely on smoking in times of high stress. In the longer term, this is an awful way to deal with stress as tobacco withdrawals add another layer of worry. If you’re struggling with your nicotine cravings, it might be best to have a look into vaping. Vaping has a variety of nicotine strengths and is 95% less harmful than smoking. Try out T-Juice’s classic red astaire for a taste of what you’re missing.

12. Wave Goodbye to Sick Days

With a healthy immune system, stopping cigarettes will give you the opportunity to be more productive throughout the year and less chance of becoming ill. That means staying on top of your work and keeping your boss happy.

13. Better Immune System

A better immune system also means a faster healing process. You’ll find that your cuts and bruises will get better much quicker when you give up cigarettes. Just another sign that your body is thanking you for quitting cigarettes.

14. Sense of Pride

Take it from us - the sense of pride that comes with achieving your smoke-free goals will be unmatched. Proving to yourself that it’s all possible will open your eyes to other possibilities. Make sure you find a process, like vaping, that suits your preferences.

15. Set the Standard

If you’ve got a family, being a good role model is very important. Many children who grow up to be smokers come from smoking families. It’s been found that second-hand smoking is the cause of 1% of all worldwide deaths. That’s a staggering amount of people, and it’s up to smokers to change those statistics for good.

We’ll never underestimate just how difficult it is to quit smoking, but it’s worth it. If you’re thinking about quitting or cutting down your intake, we’d seriously recommend giving vaping a try. Shortfills are a great way to get started, allowing you to take control of your nicotine strengths and create some bigger batches. Not only is vaping safer - it’s tastier too.