Tissue Papers
People have been inventing unique items to make their product’s packaging more attractive and more durable and tissue papers are no exception. After all, it’s the most commonly used item that everyone uses in their daily lives. From residential to commercial purposes, tissue papers have a variety of uses. This is why shoe stores, boutiques, gift shops can yield a lot of advantages from this versatile use of tissue papers. For instance, shoe stores can use these tissue papers to stuff their shoes whereas boutique stores can use these papers to wrap their products up. However, retail stores aren’t the only ones that can yield advantages from these tissue papers, but online businesses can make great use of these tissue papers too. These E-commerce stores can use these tissue papers for wrapping their products to offer better protection. Besides, one can use these items for the product’s packaging. People who understand the significance of these tissue papers enjoy the benefits as well. Recycled materials such as post-consumer waste, post-industrial waste, and virgin materials are used to make these tissue papers. So, it does not harm the environment. In varied parts across the globe, people have been using these papers for a variety of purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the common uses of these tissue papers,

  • E-commerce & Retail Uses: E-commerce and retail businesses can use these tissue papers for wrapping their products to yield better safety. It’s also work as a green marketing tool for these online businesses. Especially, products that are fragile and can easily be broken should be wrapped in these tissue papers to keep them protected. These papers act much like a cushion and keep these delicate items safe. In some cases, businesses can get white tissue paper to stuff inside the products.
  • Table Napkins: Basically, the foodservice tissue papers are often used as table napkins as these are lightweight. People can wipe their hands after eating their meals at restaurants, food joints, or any parties. It doesn’t cause any itching, rashes, or any sort of unsatisfactory experiences to one’s hands.
  • Build Brand Reputation: Tissue papers are the ideal and cost-effective way to build a brand persona. People can embed their business logo and taglines to make their brand name synonymous with their customer's minds. This is an important use of tissue paper. Generally, businesses use the printed tissue papers to fulfill this purpose.

Types of Tissue Papers That You Should Know:

Depending upon the use of tissue papers, businesses can differentiate the variety of paper types. Let’s take a look at the different types of tissue papers available in the market,

White Tissue Papers

White tissue papers are made of recycled materials such as post-industrial waste, post-consumer waste, etc. This is one of the leading tissue papers in this genre. These white tissue papers have versatile uses such as product packaging, gift wrapping, storing collectibles, crafty projects, and many others. Manufacturers produce these papers in a way to maintain a neutral PH balanced ecosystem. But, it should be bought from reliable sellers to avail its durability. People can also pair it with a printed tissue paper to create one-of-the-kind packaging pieces and it lasts longer.

Colored Tissue Papers

The colored tissue papers are available in a variety of sizes and shades. These are perfect for any types of crafting projects as they are easy to shape, flex, glue and fold. One can manipulate these papers as they want. It can even be used for making stunning paper pinatas!. So, colored tissue papers are the ideal solution for gift wrapping the items irrespective of the type and size of a business.

Custom Printed Tissue Papers

Custom printed tissue papers are mainly used for building a brand’s reputation. People can select the ideal size, color, and print as per their business requirements. The printing can be customized to starting from embedding the logo to the tagline. It’s one of the economic ways to build the brand’s reputation. There are a variety of uses of these papers but people should carefully consider the printing to yield the maximum advantages in the long run.

Printed Tissue Papers

Printed tissue papers are an ideal choice for wrapping gift items. Also, they can be used for the product’s packaging. There are several themes one can choose for wrapping different products. This includes the old printed patterns, gemstones or western theme tissue papers, animal print tissue papers, floral tissue paper, polka dot tissue paper, etc. One can create unique gift wraps and product packs with these printed tissue papers.

Food Service Tissue Paper

One can build their brand and promote their businesses using food service tissue papers. These are FDA approved which means they can be used for wrapping food items or tray lining. There are several applications such as basket liners, sandwich wraps, bakery tissues, etc.