There are very few companies in the world today that are highly known for extensive use of technology in their business operations, and is one of these entities. Since the company was established, everything has been focused on the use of advanced innovation to handle every process and aspect of the business. As the trends show, there has been considerable growth and success of the company owing to the use of the technology to the extent that even other companies in the same industry have been trying to emulate the organization.

Those people who are close to and Richard Liu Qiangdong know that the company is always preparing to come up with an innovative technology that always takes the world by storm. It is an approach that has kept the company relevant in a business environment that has very aggressive organizations that are always trying to push for the best alternatives in the market. However, with the use of the right and reasonable innovation, it is always very difficult to overcome such businesses, especially when it comes to extreme competition in the market.

Jingdong always prepares technology for the consumption by both the customers and the merchants who work with the company. The company has heavily invested in consumer experience as it has been focused on making sure that all the customers who have been buying from the organization are always getting the right products in place and within the shortest time possible. This is a consumer approach that has been central in helping the company influence the world and attract more customers than other companies in the same market.

After many years of looking for innovation directed to the customers and customer services, the company is now turning to the other group of people who have been very influential in its success in the market, the merchants. It is the view of that merchants have been very effective and committed to making sure that the company is always progressing in the right direction and that it is able to get the necessary goals it has been looking to achieve in the market.

The new JD Stock innovation is focused on ensuring that all the merchants and key opinion leaders in the organization no longer struggle when they are looking for stock images to market the products of the company. This new approach will obviously lead to huge benefits in the company, which is different from what other people who are currently witnessing the new approach in stock images have been expecting. All the merchants of the company have an opportunity to access royalty-free stock images that they will be using when they are marketing all the products that the company offers.

The JD Stock approach is highly focused on ensuring that all the merchants working with the company do not spend a lot of money when looking for stock images that they will use for marketing purposes. Saving money by cutting on the budget that both the merchants and key opinion leaders have been using to prepare marketing materials especially those used for visual marketing is the primary goal behind the new platform.

JD com is also working towards an innovative strategy that will heavily be focused on protecting intellectual property rights in the country. The company has already realized that millions of products have been duplicated and sold as original, which contravenes copyright laws. The company wants to sell legitimate products on its platforms. The introduction of the royalty-free stock images at JD Stock is an approach that will go a long way in ensuring that the company can enforce copyright laws.