When it comes to the technologies that make our lives so much easier, how do you explain something like virtual staging to your mom?
Explain Virtual Staging

Well, you could always start with something simple.

Initially, you could use one of these 2 simple and relatable conversation starters:
  • “It’s like working on a scrapbook - sticking images of furniture and decorations to an empty room.”
  • “Similar to creating attractive pictures for your social profile - you find the best angles of the house, add a filter and some stickers.”

So, how do you explain virtual staging to your Mom?

In simple terms, it’s a process that helps the seller or the real estate agency set up a property. They will make the inside and outside look much more appealing to potential buyers. However, what some of us may or may not be familiar with, is the concept of virtual staging.

Initially, the traditional home stager has to visit a place and prepare it for viewers. In order to do that, they will need tangible decor elements for a photo-shoot or a home tour.

So how do they accomplish that virtually? We are about to explain why.

Virtual Staging Is Not Rocket Science

Virtual staging has become more trendy these days. However, many sellers might have a hard time explaining it to their potential clients, including many moms and grandmas.

As moving images and jingles continue to dominate all forms of advertising, virtual tours with picture gallery content tend to attract and convert more potential buyers.

With increasing access, virtual staging has become more preferable and important than real staging. Besides, the process of placing a Virtual Suite on a website is becoming an industry standard that home buyers and sellers are accustomed to.

Start with The Reasons for Using Virtual Staging

For the seller, the technology is there and widely accessible. As you may know, there are many services online that deal with real estate agreements and property.

Recently, obtaining real estate brokerage services from licensed agencies is becoming less popular because very few of these agreements are precise.

Therefore, more virtual suites are being implemented to help agents fill in the many blanks as they work with buyers, investors, and sellers.

For Agents, Virtual Staging is a Rising Industry

Agents commonly give credit to virtual staging companies and software.

This is due to their ability to create virtual properties, create virtual tours, and should you not, so that have your website and digital or nylon stores, you might as well have THE one all the time!
  • However, the hidden constant for both seller agents and buyer agents is that ALL of their potential clients are going to contact them.
  • This is where virtual staging comes into play to ensure that both agents and potential clients are properly represented.
  • Staging a property, by definition, is the process of creating an appeal for the properties to smooth the way for the purchase.
  • Also, virtual staging allows agents to show a home to prospective clients with a clear vision of the home’s potential.
It also opens new doors for popular tactics that can keep an agent in a profitable business. These include promoting home tours in large quantity, publishing news and referrals easily through social networks and agent forums.

In virtual staging, agents can enjoy the benefits from the low cost for creating the content and minimal expense for maintenance.
  • Virtual Staging Is an Effortless Method to Promote a Property
  • Virtual staging can include several aspects, but not limited to:
  • Physically setting up furniture and accessories while planning for a desirable final look
  • Digitally maintain inventory, fixtures, and accessories
  • Education and training services to further support and increase the selling rate.

Holistic Approach to Sell Properties

  • Other digital features you can combine in your virtual home tours include:
  • Voice over with professional scripts (pay per download or a la carte)
  • Web clashes and link exchanges to showcase specific properties chosen for virtual tours
  • Open mailing lists to highlight the offers the seller has made
  • Production of sensed awareness for specific properties desirable for virtual tours through different methods, like virtual CDs, Virtual appends, screen prints, etc.
These are just a few options on how you can save or make money today with virtual staging!
Final Word

At the end of the day, it's important to identify which professional service providers are more likely to accomplish your real estate goals. This still depends on the types of property for sale and your customer profiles.

A virtual staging company that will work to produce high-quality photographs is an excellent place to start.

It's also important to remember and the visual details are for the potential buyer. So they're not necessarily catering to your tastes. Always put yourself in the buyers’ shoes.

However you decide, it shouldn’t be too hard to have your Mom on your side! After all, although virtual staging may be a new concept, its processes and benefits are simple to understand.