Though people around us are continually talking of spirituality, materialism's grip seems to be getting stronger more than ever in most of them. Even though money does buy you happiness, it never promises to end your miseries forever. We can see the wealthiest of people around us going into depression. Fulfilment in a human being indeed goes beyond the concept of achieving all materials and wealth.

This article will discuss the principles for living an absolute joyful and stress-free life. The good news is that an individual only needs to eliminate some of the unnecessary baggage he or she is carrying to realize the innermost self. This is like a sculptor making his statute by removing all the redundant stones. For achieving this beautiful state of being, we have listed some of the important tips and techniques that one can adopt. So, let us get started with it,

Simplify Your Life

We all have heard the phrase "Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication". Though many people believe that they follow this statement, they never seem to have understood its true meaning. This phrase tells all of us to start decluttering our lives for good. It is a must for people because we as humans tend to complicate even the simplest of things in our lives.

Start setting goals so that you are not after so many things at a particular point in time. If you cannot follow monthly goals, start writing daily goals. It is a habit that will help you to break down large goals in your life into manageable chunks so that you achieve things while remaining entirely peaceful.

Learn to Let Go

A time comes in all of our lives where we have to learn to let go because that is the only way to taste freedom. Only when we drop all the unnecessary pain and suffering do we realize how much we have hurt ourselves by clinging on to things. You might have seen how 'high achievers' have this habit of focusing on the process without really caring about the past mistakes or the consequences of the future. The art of letting go of things is what sets apart a happy person from the miserable one.

Break free from all chains in your life, whether emotional or spiritual. One should realise that the biggest form of slavery is when we depend on someone spiritually. So, it is time to trust your instincts

Forgive Yourself

The one person you should be the most kind to on earth is yourself. We have been taught to love others, but rarely has anyone emphasised the importance of loving oneself to us. When you forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past, you tend to lose a lot of anger and develop compassion for yourself. Understand that all the emotions you have in your life are generated from within and hence you need to be easy while dealing with all situations in life.

Have a conversation with yourself whenever you feel a lot of stress in your life. This technique helps you put all your problems into perspective to deal with them head-on.

Shun Unhealthy Habits

You can't expect to live a blissful life if you are pursuing unhealthy habits. It is essential to get rid of things in your life that are only enervating you. Though people are addicted to many things in life, one of the most toxic habits people are dependent on is smoking. The tobacco present in the cigarettes can wreak havoc on almost every organ of your body. You will also see that you are losing that natural state of peace when you are too addicted to cigarettes.

Simultaneously, quitting cigarettes is not an easy task, as suggested by many. The problem with trivialising an addiction like smoking is that people will lose the will to quit if they find quitting too hard. Hence, it is suggested that one stop smoking and try vaping as an alternative. As it is a good substitute that will help you control the nicotine level and fight the withdrawal effects as well. Smoking is one of the addictions that can be beaten easily through alternatives like these.

Embrace Pain

When you start becoming conscious in your life, you will see misery all over the place. You must overcome that starting phase of trouble as it only leads to the happiness you are searching for. Many people escape pain and problems by resorting to addictions, thinking that it will end their problems. But their miseries only seem to increase whenever they avoid the pain in their life.

Start facing your problems so that you solve them at the earliest. You will see that you become more confident when you stand on your feet and overcome all the obstacles that life throws at you each time.

All in All

You have seen five easy steps to achieve the peace of mind you always wanted in your life. Remember that being joyful is the right of every human being and one should always strive for it no matter what. Your problems should not be why you never try to be the best version of yourself. Live a more fulfilling life, and you will see success and happiness, both coming in your way pretty quickly.