Better Employee

Finally! You have found your dream job at your dream company. You enjoy your work and you enjoy being at work – so how can you ensure that you and your employer will have a long and happy working relationship? To start with, you can do your part by trying to be a better employee.

Always Work on Bettering Yourself

It takes a certain amount of mental toughness to not only go to work every day but to always be thinking about how you can be better at your job. Don’t just settle for the way things are; work on ways that you can improve yourself. Never stop learning about your job and thinking about how it can be performed in a better, more efficient way.

Always Be Professional

It is easy to get into the habit of wearing jeans and a t-shirt, showing up a few minutes late every day, and ducking out a few minutes early. You may think no one will notice, but it is very likely that your manager does notice these behaviors, especially if you do them all the time. On the other hand, professional dress, punctuality, and staying right up until quitting time are all ways to get you noticed in a good way.

Always Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Even if your manager is really on top of things, he or she may forget about something great you’ve done (or they might not even know about something great you’ve done!). Keep a spreadsheet listing what you’ve accomplished and how it has benefited the company. This will especially come in handy for those annual reviews, so that you can just copy and paste the entire impressive list.

Always Help (Even When It’s Not Part of Your Job)

Very often a company-wide project will come up and volunteers will be required from each department. It may not mean extra pay and it may mean extra work, but this is a great way to contribute to the good of the company.

Always Have a Positive Attitude

Even in the best job, things will come up that are annoying. However, resist the urge to whine and complain about it (at least at work). And, even if things are stressful and you have multiple deadlines looming, don’t let the stress show. A positive worker who can handle stress is much more impressive than an employee who is constantly in a bad mood and OK with taking it out on everyone else.

Always Avoid Gossip

Gossip can destroy morale around the office, and it makes you look really bad if you have a part in spreading it. Avoid listening to it, and avoid repeating it.

Always Own Your Mistakes

If you find you’ve made a mistake, own up to it, apologize (once is enough), and then work to fix it and make sure it will never happen again. Trying to cover up a mistake will only make you look bad when someone eventually finds out about it (which is inevitable). Everyone makes mistakes – owning yours and working to fix them will make you a better employee in the long run.

Always (Almost) Like Your Job

Many people have started out at what they thought was their ideal job at their ideal company, only to find out after a few years (or even months) that they don’t really like what they are doing with their life or where they are spending much of their time. If you don’t like your job, it is hard to be a good employee. If you find yourself dreading going to the office everyday, it may be time to move on and pursue other interests, for your sake and the company’s.

Deciding to become a great employee is a great choice – for you, your future, and the company you work for. As a side benefit, working toward this can actually make you enjoy your job more and lead to a lifelong and fulfilling career.