windows tinted
Whether you are planning on tinting the window of your car, your home, or a commercial building, one of the most common questions that come to mind is the duration of the entire process. Oddly so, people want to know how long the process will take so that they can be better prepared to create time for it.

Whether you are tinting your car, home, or commercial windows, certain factors affect the time taken to complete the process even if you have chosen one of the Top 3 Best Window Tinting Services in Hamilton, Ontario.

To better understand how long the process will take, below are some of the factors to consider;

- How many windows you wish to tint

Surely, tinting one window will require less time compared to adding window tint film to four or more windows. As with many things, the more the task, the longer time it takes to reach completion. If you are tinting your car, surely, you will have to consider the number of windows that you wish to tint and then multiply the average time taken to install one by the number of windows to be tinted. On average, to tint all windows on a typical sedan type car with four doors may take anything between 75 to 90 minutes depending on the type of application, the mode of application, as well as the expertise of the professional.

If you own an SUV or a minivan, the time taken to complete the entire window tint process can take anywhere between three to four hours if all of the windows are to be tinted.

Surely, the time taken to complete the process increases if you are having your home windows tinted or if you are looking to tint commercial windows.

- Are the windows already tinted?

If the windows of your car are already tinted and you wish to add a fresh look to the windows, then the time taken to complete the entire process may be longer than having a bare surface to work on. The window tint professionals will have to first remove the existing layer of film before applying a new one.

In some cases, the surface may need to be prepared after the old layer of film is removed and this may overall add to the time taken to reach completion.
For experts who have the right tools and materials, the entire removal process may not take more than an hour to complete. The cleaning process may also take less time depending on the type of adhesive that was used for the installation of the old layer that was removed.

- Time of the year

There is a relationship between the time of the year that you have chosen to add tints to your window and how long the entire installation process takes. Usually, when you decide to add a fresh tint to your windows in the spring or autumn, you stand a better chance of getting a faster result. The faster result is based on the average temperature of these periods. While spring and autumn are always warm, they provide the perfect temperature for drying the application.

The summer periods are characterized by high temperature, although high temperatures are great for installation purposes, high humidity may cause other problems like bubbling. Installing window tints during the cold winter period is not advisable as it will take a characteristically longer time for the installation to cure. You want to make sure that the installation is perfectly timed as this can affect the overall time required for the installation process.

Whatever the time taken to complete the entire window tinting process, rest assured that the inconvenience will be made up for when the process is completed. Adding tint to your car window offers a wide array of advantages including;

- Prevents fading of car upholstery

The window tint added to your car has the ability to refract UV rays that are in the sun. These UV rays are otherwise harmful to your car upholstery and can cause it to fade in no time. With a window tint in place, you get to enjoy a longer car upholstery lifespan

- Blocks harmful UV rays

The UV rays contained in the sun are harmful to the skin. As an operator, your skin is mostly exposed to the sun even while in the car. By investing in top-quality window tints, you add an extra layer of protection not just for your car and its interior but also for your skin.

Other advantages include;

  • - Increased solar heat rejection
  • - Offers protection against glass shattering
  • - Offers better privacy and security.