Cannabis seeds online

Cannabis seeds online

Cannabis has long been associated with munchies. Now a new topic of discussion has been going around claiming that marijuana helps lose weight. Marijuana may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about losing weight, but recent researches have linked cannabis to lower rates of obesity. With the recent legalization of marijuana use, particularly medical marijuana, in several states around the US, numerous online seedbanks have been selling medical marijuana as an alternative option in treating various disorders. But if you are planning on buying cannabis seeds online, it is best to get them from a reputable seed bank to assure you will be getting premium quality seeds.

Does the research really link marijuana to weight loss?

A 2011 review of cannabis revealed that obesity rates are higher among non-cannabis consumers compared to people who have at least consumed marijuana 3 times a day for the past year. This was conducted on people aged 30 and above. A similar study was conducted on a group of younger respondents and produced similar conclusions of the relationship between using cannabis and the Body Mass Index of people. It showed that cannabis practitioners had a significantly lower BMI.

The results f the studies concluded some theories on why the consistent use of cannabis is related to having a lower Body mass index
  • It increases mobility - As medical cannabis users continue to use marijuana to relieve pain-related symptoms, this means they are often more mobile and active, thus the continuous increase in burned fats and calories leads to a reduction in BMI.
  • There is less need for alcohol consumption - While being high on weed, the younger generation has less need to be more intoxicated. Consumption of alcohol tends to be less therefore less intake of calories from alcoholic beverages. Those who do not partake in weed tend to drink more as their intoxication levels need to be satisfied, meaning more calories.
  • It lowers stress and anxiety- Binge eating is a reality when stressful situations arise and those under the high of weed feel less stress and anxiety due to the uplifting and relaxing nature of weed.
  • It may improve sleep - There have been studies linking poor sleeping habits to increased BMIs. since cannabis has the ability to aid insomnia by luring the users into a deep, undisturbed sleep. By reducing stress and pain, two reasons for sleep deprivation, cannabis patients tend to get a night of better and refreshing sleep.
  • It Boosts Metabolism- evidence points to playing a vital part in increasing metabolism and food intake. Increased amounts of cannabis intake increase metabolism resulting in a reduction in energy storage. This results in a lower BMI for consistent cannabis users.

THCV in Cannabis as an Effective Treatment Against Obesity?

Another compound found in Cannabis that is said to aid in treating obesity is THCV. Just like THC, which can be purchased in the form of gummies, tinctures, and vape cartridges from Area52, this compound has psychoactive effects and is known to be a great appetite suppressant. They are found in most cannabis strains but are also widely available in oils and edibles. Research also showed that continuous THCV use has an impact on the levels of fat in the body and its appetite-reducing qualities lead to lower BMI scores. THCV is also said to be effective in improving metabolic efficacy, thus leading to the burning of more stored energies, lowering the person’s BMI.

With continuous use of cannabis, we have shown that it can lead to the reduction of an individual’s Body Mass Index, therefore lowering their weight. Although not directly responsible, the use of cannabis can lower a person’s weight from its effects and the body’s reaction to these effects.