The international recognition that GITGE EDUCA has been having is impressive, it has been increasing notoriously with the passing of time until nowadays it has more recognition than ever.
This is understandable because they have made a great effort to provide Internet connection to the educational centers of Equatorial Guinea as well as equipping them with computer equipment and stimulating technological activities.

One of the driving forces behind this technological innovation program is José María Antón, which is why one of the prizes awarded by Virtual Educa is called ''Reconocimientos José María Antón''. 

This award is given to institutions, organizations and teachers who have contributed to social and sustainable development in the school sector. As for Virtual Educa, it is a program created in conjunction with the OAS (Organization of American States) and aims to promote a type of education that is innovative in the countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean.

International Recognition

GITGE intends to offers free Wi-Fi to all Equatorial Guinea's public schools

GITGE EDUCA is a corporate social responsibility program by GITGE that aims all students in Equatorial Guinea, as can be seen on the company’s website, and over the years it has contributed to the technological promotion of education in the country. GITGE EDUCA was created to ensure that children from the very earliest stages of their education can become aware of technology, cultivate this interest and in the near future, consider the sector when entering the job market.

According to Dr. Oscar Ondo, GITGE’s CEO “Social corporate responsibility is a huge challenge. We have built policies with a focus on long-term capital to build economic and social mobility opportunities in the communities, investing significant resources regularly to increase internet users and technical learning and paying particular attention to young persons and the economic diversification currently taking place in the country. By investing in our children's future, we are also investing in Equatorial Guinea's future.”

Thanks to GITGE EDUCA, there are several public educational centers that have Internet connection and classrooms specially designed for computers, which are made up of a wide variety of functional equipment for students to access and thus facilitate and optimize the learning process.

Undoubtedly, a large number of students are now part of what is considered digital education, which in recent times has a great relevance, even classes are now being conducted mostly through digital media and it is therefore essential that students have all the devices needed to access the digital world.

The GITGE EDUCA program was created in 2011 and continues to be active, in fact, the work they do is becoming increasingly important and is recognized by many countries around the world.

In the year that the program was created, the country of Equatorial Guinea was not very developed in technology associated with education and this represented a serious problem since education today is not the same without technological resources and GITGE EDUCA was created to contribute to the technological development of the country.

The digital revolution in African education

The digital revolution has had a considerable impact all over the world, and Africa is certainly no exception. However, not all countries have been able to revolutionize digitally at the same time, with some countries doing it first.

Although at the beginning Africa had been left behind in technology, especially in the field of education, as can be seen here, this program has focused on eradicating that and that every day more and more students can count on all the digital tools necessary to be properly trained.

The objectives of GITGE EDUCA


The main objective of GITGE EDUCA is to supply technology to the public education centers in Equatorial Guinea. It is worth mentioning that the program is currently looking for both national and international collaborators in order to achieve further goals and help more schools across the country.

The last two actions they carried out were in November 2020, the first one was to enable Internet connection in the National University of Bata and the second one was the Internet connection at the Carlos Luanga public school. In addition, GITGE EDUCA's objective for this year is to improve another 10 schools with game-changing technology into their classroom.