Sunshine Coast

A peri-urban located 100 km Brisbane, Sunshine Coast is known for its abundant rivers, beaches and natural wonders. With a growing population of almost 400,000, they are considered the third most populated area in Australia. Despite their huge number, they seem to be economically stable. Their industry of tourism and agriculture is outstanding. Various sports events are also held here, such as Mooloolaba Triathlon, Sunshine Coast Marathon, and Noosa Triathlon.

Sunshine Coasts' efforts in ensuring elderly assistance and upholding a friendly community are prevalent all through the years. The increasing popularity of granny flats in Australia is a manifestation that the authorities and citizens are also making efforts to make the community elderly-friendly. The coordination of granny flat builders and authorities to comply with each city's policies and regulations is necessary. Aside from housing, what else are the essential needs of our elderly citizens? This article is dedicated not only to those who live with elders but for everyone to be educated in such matters.

The Essentials


Due to some circumstances, some elders don't have the full ability to move and walk around. So, wheelchairs, walkers and canes are essential for them. Ramps are made for them. And for their hygiene needs, make sure that comfort rooms are designed accessible for them. Place the showers, faucets etc., where they can reach it easily.


In Sunshine Coast, a 50% discount is given to their fares, and there is a designated seat for them. They must feel comfortable and safe in that place. And the elderly need to travel not only for leisure purposes but also for their medical needs such as hospital visits, checkups, and even buying their necessities.


Health care, in general, should be accessible to anyone. At their age, proper medication is relevant to keep them healthy. Sunshine Coast has programmed a Mental Health checkup for them. Because other than their main ailments, it is also relevant to check how they are emotionally.

Personal care

This includes the daily routines that they couldn't do anymore. Assistance in bathing and personal grooming. If you can't get a personal aide for them, a family member could assist them in their routines. Despite their age, they still want to look good, of course!


Their meals must be prepared according to their needs and what's best fit to their condition. Would it be low fat? Low carb? It is important to check their food regularly. Even though they are old, they can still be tricky! And even if you want to give all the food, they're craving, and you should put their health first!

Building a granny flat for the elders could be easy at first glance. But there are a lot of things to consider as well. It could be custom-built, prefabricated, and transportable. Aside from choosing the design, policies from one state to another differ as well. That's why if you want to build one, it's better to coordinate with the nearest granny flat builders in your area.


The Sunshine Coast Council has authored a Positive Ageing Strategy especially intended for the elders. Housing, healthcare and mobility aren't only what they need. They also want to be treated with respect. We will all go there. We will all age and become an elder. So, let’s be kind and patient towards them!

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