Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery
The terms plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are overly confusing to many people, but there are remarkable differences in performing each procedure. Both surgeries are carried out to enhance a patient’s body. Plastic surgery is a surgical procedure performed to reconstruct flaws of a body part caused by an accident, disease, or congenital disability. It is changing something that isn’t right.

Some types of plastic surgeries include nasal surgery, burn repair surgery, forehead lift, and Cleft Palate procedure. Simultaneously, cosmetic surgery is done to improve the physical aspects of a person for them to look better. Examples of cosmetic surgeries done include facelift, breast reduction, liposuction, and many more. If you seek cosmetic surgery, you can check out My Botox LA Med Spa.

These surgeries have become an upward trend and renowned to billions of people over the recent years. Read on to understand the differences between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Knowing the Difference Between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is done mainly for medical purposes and to improve one’s life physically. For instance, when a baby is born with a cleft lip, either bilateral or unilateral, if it goes uncorrected, the baby is at risk of developing a flawed dental formula, delayed speech, teeth decay, among other problems. Plastic surgeries are done for the convenience of the body structure to function well and better appearance.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, which has been widely embraced, studies have shown that many people undergo cosmetic surgery to boost their self-esteem. Every day there are new trends of fashion and designs, and many people want to be part of it. However, it may be challenging to indulge in such activities when accepting body shape and size is a problem. Social media platforms have played a significant role in people realizing that they need to work on their bodies since most people showcase their flawless bodies. This has proven to be a challenge to many people since they don’t match the unspoken requirements.

Unfortunately, fat-shaming and underrated skin shaming are now famous within society. Such issues have been resolved by people doing cosmetic surgeries to better themselves and fit in the societal ‘look fancy’ norm. For women who have conceived, their bodies tend to change drastically and may undergo the pressure of feeling inadequate. The aftermath may result in one opting for breast augmentation or tummy tuck to enhance their confidence. Men who struggle with obesity have also considered these cosmetic procedures.

Who Will Handle the Procedures?

It is essential for a patient willing to seek either of these surgeries to do enough research on the surgeon who will operate on them. The surgeon should be medically certified and experienced to rule out the possibility of meeting a quack doctor. As both surgeries differ, so are the Surgeons involved in carrying out the surgery. A plastic Surgeon can study reconstructive surgery for up to eight years and, after that, undergo training before being certified by the Board of Plastic Surgeons and getting a license to practice. A plastic surgeon is more complicated than a cosmetic surgeon.

Successful nose surgery is determined by whether the nose has a good shape and can still perform its breathing functions. This can be done by a Plastic Surgeon and not a cosmetic Surgeon. The decision to choose between a Plastic Surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon will be determined by the patient.


Over the years, these surgeries have proven to be very beneficial to people all over the world. However, to those who cannot afford the surgery, it remains a challenge for them. Rhinoplasty costs up to $5,000, while liposuction on the stomach may cost up to $2000. The costs are very high for middle- and low-class people who are in dire need of the services. The high prices have resulted in people looking for cheaper alternative methods but considered harmful in the long run.

A vast number of people purchase lotions that are meant to boost breasts and hips. Not to forget the anti-aging masks, face slimmer, smile trainer, Double fold eyelids, nose slimmer, to mention a few of the said DIY cosmetic surgeries. Note that these may result in more significant risks, which may cost you more than you were trying to save. Are you still wondering why people have resolved to these cheaper methods? Yes, there is pressure in the modern world to look excellent.