WhatsApp is one of the best and popular communication applications to date. Lots of features for users, including GBWhatsapp. Even though the original WhatsApp had a lot of features, it didn't have the customization that many users wanted.

There are some limitations in the application and the user cannot customize the application to his liking. If you are someone who wants to customize WhatsApp with various features, GBWhatsApp is the solution. And you can also try GBWhatsapp Pro with various sticker packages.

GBWhatsApp Advantage Features

1. Privacy Features

You can enjoy many privacy features such as the GB WhatsApp feature which was last seen using this application. This application allows you to hide your online status so that you will be shown offline when you can use the application freely.

You can also hide the blue tick, the second tick, the “currently typing” status and much more. With the latest version, you can also see status updates / contact stories and your name will be hidden.

2. Customize Themes

If you are bored with the usual WhatsApp themes and fonts then GB whatsapp can help you. You can download the GB Whatsapp theme and customize it according to your needs. There are lots of customization options available on GB Whatsapp which make it easy to personalize.


3. Message Scheduler

Forgetting someone's birthday is the worst thing, and with the GB Whatsapp version 8.40 feature you won't be embarrassed anymore. There is a message scheduler available in gb whatsapp 2021 which you can use to schedule messages. This feature is also useful for Whatsapp business profiles.

4. Send Large Files

This is one of the best features of GB Whatsapp 2021. In official Whatsapp, there are many restrictions for sharing features, but on gb whatsapp it is not. Here are the limitations you get with GB WhatsApp:

Image: More than 10 at once.

Video: 50MB

Audio: 100MB

Contacts: 200 (numbers, email, profile picture and address).

5. DND Mode feature

GB Whatsapp also has a Do Not Disturb mode which you can activate if you want to disable internet connection only for this application. Tap the Wi-Fi icon next to the Search icon in the top bar of GB Whatsapp. Don't forget to turn off the feature to start receiving / sending messages again.

6. Anti-Delete Message

By using this amazing feature you can actually read deleted Whatsapp messages. You can also prevent senders from deleting messages once they have been sent to you. To read deleted messages, just click on Contact Name -> Anti-Delete Message.

7. Advanced Features

Although you can send videos up to 50MB by default, you can reduce this limit by navigating to GB Settings -> Media Sharing -> Upload Size Limit (Video). By using the GB Whatsapp sharing feature you can share files like.ZIP (compressed) and .APK files (installer) via WhatsApp.

8. Anti-Banned feature

Lastly, this is a feature that most people like the most. Well, this anti-banned feature is owned by GB WhatsApp which ensures your account will be safe. Even though as we know that you are not using official Whatsapp.

How to Use GBWhatsApp

1.       First, open the device settings and then go to Security and enable Unknown sources, which will allow you to install apps from sources other than the Play Store.

2.       Now, uninstall the official WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

3.       Now, download the GBWhatsApp application below which I have presented. (If possible, the top because it is the most updated!).

4.       After you install the application, log in using your phone number.

5.       After you enter your number, you will get an OTP which you must enter in the application to use it.

6.       You have now installed GBWhatsApp and now you can customize the application based on your preferences.

That's what I can review about the GBWhatsApp Pro APK application which is obtained from the trusted site https://savepapajohns.com/, hopefully it is useful!