Dating a Capricon Woman

A Capricorn woman is a unique creation. If you haven't had extensive experience dating one, you might be driven aback by her cold appearance and the lack of emotions. However, this is just a shield that she puts on with strangers, and that helps her protect her sensitive soul. This is the first secret of an amazing mountain goat.

To conquer the wild and independent creature, traditional taming isn't sufficient. If you manage to present her with the far space of mountains and wilderness of woods where she used to live, you can capture her attention and, probably, deserve her love.

She Takes Her Power from Nature

The second secret is in something that frequently makes other people desperate. She is always right. Even if all the facts are against her, you will not be able to persuade her to do something she isn't confident in.

In this regard, dating a Capricorn woman can be compared to dating an Aries woman: they always know better. But while Aries woman still agrees with you at least to show the appreciation, the Capricorn woman never does so. She always insists on her right. Amazingly, in the end, everything turns out to be like she said. Yes, right, even if all the facts have been against her, everything turns out to be like she believed. It might be frightening at times because it looks like the universe itself is talking to her telling her what will happen. Well, don’t forget who she is - a wild goat, a creature that resigns herself to nature only.

Whatever you think, though, don't try to resist or disagree. She is an angel when she feels happy and safe. However, be careful when she is furious or feels endangered. It seems that she bears the power of the wild mountains and the strongest winds in herself. If you are in her way, she can break through every restraint, including you.

Nobody Can Resist Her Charm

Her power is not only in her attitude, though. She is absolutely charming. However, she isn't the one who is looking for occasional connections and short-time attachments. She is an old soul. Her aim is true and devoted love, and if she finds one, she will keep it forever.

We shall admit that the man who is able to keep her is a lucky one. A Capricorn woman is an object of admiration, and she deserves it. Even in her older age, her look is perfect and independent. In her voice, one can hear the rumble of a waterfall and blowing of winds, rustling of leaves, and a soothing talk of stars. Whoever can resist?

However, in her safe space, you can see her in comfy clothes, without makeup. It means that you are allowed to her territory, be grateful for that. However, even in loose clothes and with messy hair, she still looks beautiful and free, especially when she is singing a nice tune while cooking the most delicious meal for her family members.

She Is Loving and Caring

Once she lets you in her shell, you can feel blessed. There is no other person so caring like her, this wild mountain goat. Once she gets used to a person, she does her best to create the most comfortable environment around them. Needless to mention that family is one of her main values. She devotes herself to her family completely. This is her strong and weak side. If she finds a reliable partner on whom she can always count, the happiest life for both is guaranteed. However, if her partner decides to take advantage of her generous and caring nature, it might end up in a disaster for her.

A Capricorn woman is a mystery that can never be solved. Don't try to do it, just give her the needed safety and comfort, and she will be taking care of you until the end of her days. She is one of the most devoted wives and mothers, and, for sure, she is a real gift for anyone who is looking for eternal values rather than temporary pleasures.