For SaaS companies today, the challenge is to remain relevant and in the buzz simultaneously. After all, the number of competitors in every genre is increasing daily. Staying on top of the game requires strong marketing skills and a time-tested approach that can deliver results in less time.

It has become all-important for companies to ensure that they are maintaining greater visibility and high search engine rankings. After all, 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of search engines. While achieving this goal can entail several processes, link-building is one of the most important.

Link Building for SaaS Companies

Link-building is a somewhat outdated term today, with companies adopting nomenclatures such as link bait and natural link acquisition to describe the tactic. The concept behind link-building is pretty simple – you build links that direct audiences to your website on other pages. Alternatively, you allow page creators to use links that serve this purpose and take viewers to your websites.

Some people might tell you link-building services are obsolete now and are nothing more than link spamming. However, this is not true. If you are aware of the right moves and tactics, along with a tab on the quality and authenticity of the pages you build links to, you can avoid the cons of the process. While there are several ways and tactics to extract the potential of link-building services, we have tried enlisting the 8 best ones.

Using creative infographics

Marketing trends show that infographics are still among the best and most widely used link-building strategies. At the same time, they have the potential to drive organic traffic to your site, be shared and reshared on social media platforms, and be used by different stakeholders for different purposes.

Infographics can generate about 37.5% more backlinks for a website than a blog post. Its contribution to website rankings due to better content quality, readership, and value is also well-known. It will cost you a little to either hire a graphic designer or get to work on some infographics yourself. You can also utilize free resources like Canva to create exciting infographics. This can be followed by using infographics on your website, uploading them to useable repositories, or promoting them on social media platforms for broader reach.

Social Media Marketing

Undoubtedly, social media is the haven for any form of marketing today. SaaS companies can use social media marketing by promoting their applications and their benefits on these platforms.

The key to success in social media is to remain active and maintain audience engagement. One must post consistently, share snippets of their services, utilize moment marketing wider reach, and share posts across platforms. The idea is to boost as much engagement as possible with the right amount of activity and innovation. When you post content and create engagement, people visit your site more often to learn about or use your services. This proves to be one of the best forms of link-building in today’s times.

Resource pages for more backlinks

Studies show that companies who engage in blogging receive 97% more backlinks to their site than before. Therefore, ensure a dedicated blog section full of fun content. Such content often acts as pools of resources that other pages and social media accounts might share, use, or recommend to their viewers and friends. Thus, your high-quality content automatically generates enough backlinks for your site.

Broken link building

Broken link building has emerged as one of the most valuable and innovative strategies for boosting online popularity. You need to browse through the internet for 404 errors and other issues on the site of a blogger of choice. Next, you politely inform them about the issue and offer to fix it by providing high-quality third-party site linking, which is your website. This acts as a win-win situation for both and gets you link-building from your chosen website.

Learning from Competitors

Think again if you think there is nothing your competitors can offer you apart from the competition. While stiff competition affects your chances of raising the search results, it can also help you understand where you lag. You can easily lay your hands on a list of successful competitors' backlinks and then replicate these ideas for your site.

At the same time, you can also keep a tab on the kind of campaigns they are using, the pattern of their activity and strategy, and so on. If you are a beginner, this is a beneficial move. You can also find out how and where your competitors are gaining mentions. Thorough research can guide you on a lot more – strategies, processes, sequences, tools, statistics, etc.

Guest blogs for link-building

Whoever said guest blogs no longer work for link-building needs to seriously reconsider. You can utilize guest posts for the best by featuring your content as a guest article on a website of choice, thus garnering a more expansive or targeted audience base – depending on your choice. The technique of guest posts is time-tested and can directly impact your site traffic, social media following, and engine rankings.

Prepping Up

Besides creating good quality content, you also need to focus on allowing others to link to your website in their content. For this purpose, you can arrange for HTML-ready snippets beforehand and use tools that automatically connect back to your site when anyone copy-pastes your content on their platform.

Final Words

One of the best ways for a SaaS company to create and maintain buzz online is by link building and optimization. This single step can improve search engine rankings, often leaving even the most significant websites behind. Besides, the process is cyclic and reciprocal. An Ahrefs study showed that the best-ranking pages in search results frequently get 5%-14.5% more do-follow backlinks from new websites each month. Therefore, link-building is a great tool to have up your sleeve in 2021.