Swimming Pool
Having a swimming pool in your house means so many things in an urban neighbourhood. Aside from the fact that you have real estate and funds to build one, you can enjoy a dip whenever you want. But what about an indoor pool that has more functionality and character than the ones other have in their front yards?

For many the idea of having an indoor pool conjures up images of filthy indoors and messy carpets and rugs, then you are mistaken.

The pool contractor specialist from the orange county has come up with several amazing indoor swimming pool designs that will give a new feel to your house.
  1. A Royal Bath
  2. Reimagined Barn
  3. Galleria
  4. Urban Aquarium
  5. Let There Be Light

Into The Woods

Why you are better off with an indoor swimming pool

Having a pool inside the four walls of your house is a blessing. If you have not experienced it yet, it is high time you should find out yourself.

Here are some reasons to make up your mind.
  • Endless Customization Options
  • Free From Wear & Tear
  • Easy Construction
  • Free From Prying Eyes
  • A Unique Experience
Sure, an outdoor swimming pool can enhance the curb appeal of your house, but an indoor one can do wonders for you have inside.

7 Indoor Swimming Pool Design for Homes

Slim & Industrial

When you go for a slim and industrial, it becomes the embodiment of the idea that anything is possible. There are examples in Europe and the Middle East where five-star hotels have built sleek pool with rooms to give a private area for their guests to have a dip.

It takes not much space and you can throw in some fixtures like a chair and a table and you will have the best indoor swimming pool experience without spending a fortune. No doubt, it will earn you serious points in your social circle.

A Royal Bath

For those who want to make a surreal dramatic statement with their indoor pool, this is the best way to go. High ceilings with emblematic drapery and columns can add a distinct character to your pool that can rival the royal baths of kings and monarchs.

If you have a carte blanche and you are ready to enjoy some royalty right in your house, I present you the royal indoor swimming pool design.

Reimagined Barn

There is a saying that goes like, you should get inside what you can’t have outside. The same goes true for this indoor pool design.

The outsides are great and lively and you can import them and paste them on your walls. All it takes is a fine touch of a professional interior decorator and you are all set for a dip in nature. Add a glass or retractable door to your yard and have it your way.


Using water-resistant colour and coatings, paint a wall mural and you have your own art gallery in your house. As a cherry on top, you can check out the masterpieces by floating in a pool nearby. This is a sure way to one-up the competition and get an indoor pool that is hard to leave alone.

Urban Aquarium

There was a time when you will find a small aquarium in every house with tiny colourful fishes swimming and bubbling inside. You can swim in one if you want to by getting an indoor pool that has an angular wall made of glass.

If you live in a condo or a penthouse, it is perfect to make your space otherworldly. In addition to that, you can always have a pet shark in it if you get tired of swimming in an aquarium.

Let There Be Light

There is plenty of light outside and the sky that makes the pool water something else. If you think you might miss that effect in your indoor pool, fret not.

By using strategic lighting and ornamental items, you can make your indoor pool come to life. With ample light, you can make it more spacious than it actually is and add a sense of grandeur.

Into The Woods

For those missing a dip in a pond in the countryside, you can get that in your house by having an indoor pool that looks at the pines of your front yard. This space can also double for a gym. Place your treadmill and other equipment and get the exquisite feel of working out in the woods.

It could be hard for the novices to go around with some pool designs, so it is always best to go with a pool designer and builders to avoid frustration.