Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is essentially a wireless speaker that utilizes audio signals to function. They are either connected to wifi or Bluetooth and are great for those wanting to listen to music on the go without any limits.

Although it can be tempting to select the first speaker that you see or the one that you feel to be the most aesthetically pleasing, there are some things to consider in the process of making your selection.

While many portable speakers appear similar, others are distinctively different and almost all speakers tend to vary in some way in regards to their specifications.

Below, we have identified 5 things that you will need to consider when getting a portable speaker. Considering each of these 5 things will ensure that you select a compatible speaker for your requirements. For those who require more information on sound signatures, audio frequency and the best portable systems available, we would advise you to check out Max Your Home Time.

The Sound Quality

Of course, the sound quality is a priority, you don't want to select your speaker only to find that it has poor sound quality. This is something that can vary considerably between offerings from different brands and is often a reflection of the quality of the speaker. While some brands flourish in producing speakers with excellent sound quality, others are still yet to establish this. Your speaker should offer stereo sound along with measurable bass, however, you will find that some speakers place a preliminary focus on the sound profile while others are more bass focussed. All speakers produce particular frequencies that are responsible for either high or low frequency, a better quality speaker is going to have a flatter frequency response. It is important to consider what it is that you want from your speaker to ensure that it compliments your needs. The sound quality serves particular importance, particularly for those who are going to be using their speaker regularly.

Consider the cost

For many, the cost of the speaker is going to be a deciding factor in their selection. While many speakers retail with a premium price tag, many other options are much more affordable. You will find many high-quality portable speakers that retail within an affordable price range. There can be a significant difference in the price of speakers from different brands. Some are suited to those wanting to make a hefty investment and others are suited to those seeking affordability. So long as the quality and sound performance isn't compromised, a cheaper option is likely to satisfy your needs. You may find that some more expensive speakers boast a more advanced design with a wider range of functions and for this reason, you should expect them to retail within a higher price range than those that are more basic.

The Battery Life

The battery life can fluctuate rather significantly depending on the brand but it is a factor that serves particular importance. You don't want to take your speaker out for an exciting day of listening to your favorite tunes only to find that it dies after a few hours. There are several factors that can affect the battery speaker. Smaller speakers tend to be made with smaller batteries and so they are likely to drain sooner. The volume at which you are likely to listen to music can also affect the battery. Listening to loud music for prolonged periods will use more current and drain the battery sooner. Before choosing a speaker consider the regularity in which it is going to be used and the best sized speaker to suit this. Also consider the ways in which your speaker can be charged. Many speakers now come with micro-USB ports that allow you to charge the speaker using a powerbank. This is ideal for occasions where you are outdoors using your speaker and you don’t have access to a plug port. There are many impressive options that have a decent battery life that is going to see you through a lengthy amount of time so you don't need to stop enjoying your tunes.


Although some may not think of water resistance as being an important factor, it is one which is definitely worth considering. The appeal of a portable speaker is that they can be taken with you on the go and in some instances, this may mean that they are used in environments where they are confronted by water. For example, some individuals may wish to take their speaker to the pool, where it may be subject to accidental splashes. Others may accidentally spill water or a drink over the speaker. Ensure that your portable speaker boasts a water-resistant and durable design so that it can withstand any potential water damage. If the water accesses the internal components of the speaker, it is going to hinder the sound quality and functionality. As such, it is unlikely that the speaker will see you through many uses in the future. One that is designed with a water-resistant housing is going to resist this damage.

Connectivity and Compatibility

As mentioned previously, many portable speakers utilize Bluetooth connectivity to play your music. Most modern speakers are likely to come with the latest version of Bluetooth and so you may run into difficulties if you are attempting to connect your speaker to a device that supports an older version of Bluetooth. The specifications of the product are likely to state the Bluetooth connectivity requirements so you can ensure that it is going to be suitable for your device. You will also find portable speakers that are equipped with near-field communication which makes the task of pairing devices together even easier. While keeping both devices within a particular radius of one another you will be able to connect them within minutes. This may involve connecting the speaker to your mobile phone so that you can sync your favorite tunes and listen to them aloud on the speaker without having to worry about the Bluetooth connection.