A standard AR rifle is already enough to let you experience the outdoor activity called hunting at a beginner level. But if you want to step up your hunting game and try those extreme and adventurous hunting, then sadly, with your standard AR rifle, you cannot survive.

In extreme hunting levels, you need a rifle that has recoil reduction because of the countless times you will fire your rifle, you need something that magnifies your target for long-range shooting, you need high calibre cartridges. In short, you need to upgrade and enhance your hunting rifle. If you need an upgrade or personalized your firearms, an 80% jig is a helpful tool for someone looking to construct a gun on their own.

If you ask how, here are some 5 weapon accessories for rifles that can improve your shooting skills while hunting.

1. Muzzle brake

Muzzle brakes are made to reduce the recoil created by any AR rifle you use for your hunting activity. This accessory is connected in the muzzle or barrel of the firearm or cannon to prevent muzzle rise and redirect the propellant gases to counter the recoil after shooting. If you're regularly using a 6-5 Creedmoor, pairing it with a 6-5 Creedmoor muzzle brake will give you more clean and precise kills.

Reducing the recoil is essential, especially when you want to do long hunts. The recoil committed by the rifle when you shoot can create discomfort in your shoulders and may injure you in the long run. Having a muzzle brake will prevent this from happening and reduce the risk of shoulder pain.

2. Harness

A harness or sling for your weapon will be handy once you're on the move. It will be quite an effort and hassle to carry your gun bear-handed while running or going uphill. Choose a harness made of high-quality material, something sturdy enough to hold your weapon and other accessories. Also, you want it to support you rather than putting unnecessary pressure on your back and shoulders.

3. Scope

If you are into long-range shooting and your rifle and cartridge can shoot long-distance, you should consider buying a rifle accessory called a scope. Scopes are used to magnify your sight and allow you to see your target clearly. There are vital spots hunters know that make their kill more humane and give a painless death to their target.

With the scopes' help, hunters are given the opportunity to shoot that part efficiently and accurately. Scopes also have night vision with them perfect when you want to hunt or defend yourself during your night in the forest.

4. Avid Smart Torq

Having this will genuinely make hunting easier for you because this master-grade tool allows you to tighten the screws of your rifle when there are loose ones. This weapon accessory has discrete inch-lb that gives a spot-on adjustment to any screw in your rifle.

Avid Smart Torq can loosen or tighten screws that have 10 to 70 in-lb. This tool also comes with an adjustment knob, which improves and simplifies the accuracy of setting torque.

5. Rangefinder

Some bullets need a specific distance to secure a clean and accurate kill. Let us take the 6-5 Creedmoor bullet as an example. In order to kill a deer using 6-5 Creedmoor ammunition, you need to be precisely 1000m away from the deer. You cannot measure that by only using your scope; you need to have a rangefinder. A rangefinder accurately measures the distance between you and the target, allowing you to take more precise shots. There is also a rangefinder with IR light attached to it that enables night vision and enhanced zoom details.