There was a time when we just wondered about the appliances we have in our households today. Be it your television on which you binge-watch innumerable series and movies or your refrigerator which keeps your pastries and cherries safe, your air conditioner, which keeps your mind and body cool, or Alexa, which plays your favorite song and changes the lighting of your home according to your mood.

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But even after discovering and inventing so much, there is still a lot of room to add more tech innovations and make your home smarter than ever. Following is the list of some products that could make your home more intelligent and automated so that you can sip your soup in a homey and carefree way.

1. Make your bathroom smarter with KOHLER products

KOHLER has been one of the trusted and most popular companies that aim to give their customers a more personalized experience in their kitchen and bathroom. With the help of app presets and having the ability to support numerous voice commands, almost anyone can automate everyday tasks in their kitchen or bathroom. It can be used by both iOS and Android users by using hands-free motion control and voice commands.

Be it adjusting the temperature of your toilet seat, or changing the color of your bathroom lighting, or operating the kitchen faucet, for that matter, KOHLER products are smartly programmed. They are the best products for your kitchen and bathroom. So, enjoy comfortably in your cozy bed while KOHLER is making your bathroom.

2. Ecovacs DEEBOT Robot vacuum cleaner


How many times has it happened to you that you couldn't make time to clean your home because you were just tired after doing all the office work? These days, our life has become so hectic, and everybody is so occupied that sometimes it becomes really hard to make time to do daily cleaning chores. Hence, the DEEBOT vacuum cleaner has come all the way to your rescue and to make your life easy.

You can give voice commands to Alexa or Google assistant, and DEEBOT will start its work instantly. It also has advanced features like status updates, cleaning modes, scheduling, direct control, accessories status, and many more. Nonetheless, it is capable of cleaning any kind and size of the mess. DEEBOT will lift, sweep and clean an entire hall or the sides of your floor, pretty much everything. It has 520 mL of a dustbin, making a lot of room to collect dirt from a huge room or hall.

Features like large wheels for climbing thresholds, high-efficiency filter, anti-scratch finish, auto-return charging, automatic software update, etc., make it more attractive for customers to automate their cleaning chores. You will not find a smarter device than DEEBOT, which has extraordinary features and knows how to keep you happy. So, could you hurry up and buy DEEBOT today itself?

3. Decorate your walls with a unique piece of art

I am about to tell you might surprise you as there is a possibility that you might not have come across it as it is a very unique and special piece of art. Everything that has been stated just now is about DNA portraits. Yes, you read it right. Now you can decorate your walls with your very own and unique DNA portraits.
Home Decor Industry

DNA11 is a very popular company that makes DNA portraits, fingerprint portraits, and kiss portraits for any occasion. They send you a kit that contains almost everything you need to get your portrait ready in a metal case, and then with the help of some image processing, they stretch it over a canvas along with some beautiful color textures that will enhance the look of your room. You have to choose the colors and the frame you would like to fit in your canvas. You can check out more details on their website.

4. Robot Chefs are going to take over our kitchens super soon

Do not feel like making lunch this afternoon but do not even want to go for restaurant or hotel food? Robot Chef will make it for you today. These kinds of robots are going to revolutionize our culinary needs forever. Moley is a UK based company and is all set to unleash World's first kitchen robot. This product can be integrated into a professional or domestic kitchen and is a fully-functional robot with advanced features.

The fun fact is the company claims that their product can cook food like any Masterchef. It has a pair of articulated hands that prove to be better than humans in speed, movement, and sensitivity. Another fun fact is, this robot mimics every step, motion, and nuance of humans but still needs some human assistance.

The company has already launched the consumer version of this product. It aims to make a fully-automated kitchen that can be operated with the help of a touch-screen, or you can also remotely control it while reading your favorite novel under the shade of your lawn. The company is still working to make its products much personalized and smarter to suit your needs.

5. Turn your wall into a Mega-TV with this home device

Samsung launched "The Wall" a couple of years back, the World's first modular Micro led 146-inch TV. It promises to give the consumers an outstanding viewing experience. "The Wall" can be molded into any size according to the size of the wall or the type of content you would like to watch.

It delivers non-pareil black levels, color volumes, and color brightness. With this product, Samsung wants to give its consumers a seamless watching experience with brilliant bright visuals. "The Wall" gives its consumers incredibly high-definition visuals with no compromise on size, resolution, or form. It offers the ultimate viewing experience by eliminating the need for extra backlighting or filters with the help of microLED technology embedded into the product. In the era of the Internet of Things, "The Wall" offers easy connectivity and sharing with nearby smart devices.

The product intensifies and maximizes the standard content to 8K resolution without any distortion. A proprietary algorithm has been employed in "The Wall" to give its consumers the option to change the screen's size according to their needs. There are few more features that you would like to check out before buying this product, so check them out here and turn your hall into a theatre today itself with "The Wall" and enjoy!