Shopping for a man is not the easiest thing to do. However, just like women, men love receiving gifts, especially during special occasions. Below are some incredible gift ideas for your boyfriend.

1. PlayStation Classic Console

PlayStation Classic Console
Some men joke that the second most important thing in their life is their play station next to their girlfriends. If your boyfriend is a gaming enthusiast, the best gift you can buy for him is a PlayStation console. However, if they love gaming, they probably have the latest console. Therefore, you can throw it back to the best gaming year (1994) and get your man the classic PlayStation. Get him a gaming product with classic titles like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy V11, and Resident Evil. This is a gift that your man will appreciate because it may not be something that he would go out and buy for himself. Most of the time, gamers only purchase the latest games and gaming technologies. Therefore, this would be a unique gift that your man would not forget.

2. A long-distance touch bracelet

Technology has made even the impossible possible. The long-distance touch bracelet has a feature that allows you to feel your partner’s touch when they are not close to you. What happens is that when you touch the bracelet, your partner, who also needs to have a bracelet, will feel it even if they are in a different continent than you. The bracelet works by emitting a vibration that mimics the touch of your partner. Whenever you send a touch to your partner through the bracelet, your partner’s bracelet will light up. The color in which it lights up depends on your choice. This is the best gift for a boyfriend who continually travels out of the state or country. It will also be a perfect gift for your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship. It is a great way to keep your bond alive and help when you feel nostalgic or missing your loved one. This is an excellent gift that your partner would appreciate.

3. A sexy notepad

Sex is one of our basic needs, and some people claim that men are more into sex than women. While both men and women are sexual beings, getting your boyfriend a sexy present would be a great idea. There are various reasons why we engage in sex. Women are not the easiest people to convince to have sex. According to research, men in relationships always have to find reasons to convince their women to give in to sex, especially after being in a relationship for a long time.

For this reason, getting your boyfriend a sexy notepad with a checklist that indicates reasons for having sex would be a great gift. This means that your boyfriend would have to find a cause, and when they do, you have no choice but to give in. The notepad can feature a wide range of reasons so that your man feels like it is a positive thing. Your man is guaranteed to love this gift.

4. Smartwatch

A smartwatch would be a great gift for a man who is into technology. Getting your tech-junky boyfriend a smartwatch would be a great way to show him that you are invested in his passions and understand him. A smartwatch is also a great gift because it features a wide range of beneficial elements other than conventional time-telling. These watches usually have components like GPS, and you can sync them with your phone. This means that your man can receive app notifications, calls, and messages through his watch. It is also advantageous to you because he can never claim not to have received your messages when he is out with the boys or playing golf since he doesn’t need his phone for that. The market is packed with a wide range of smartwatches from which you can choose a gift for your man. Even a man who is not a tech-junky would love this gift.

5. The latest sneakers

Sneakers are as important to men as heels, and red bottoms are to women. Some men spend thousands of dollars yearly on the latest sneakers in the market. Some men go as far as to camp outside stores waiting for the release of the best sneakers so that they can be the first ones to have them. This is the main reason why sneaker brands sell out fast and make billions of dollars in the process.

If you are looking to get your man something extraordinary, you may want to go the sneaker route. Note that there are so many brands and styles of sneakers in the market that you do not have to camp outside or go out of your way pocket-wise. However, the type and brand of sneakers you choose to get for your man depends on his style and taste. The last thing you want is to get Essence sneakers for a man with a collection of Yeezys and Adidas sneakers. The wiser thing to do would be to get your man a gift that they can use. This is an intimate gift because it shows that you get him, and with a coupon code, you can get the sneakers with great deals.


Some of the intimate gifts mentioned above can be very expensive and hard to find. Through online shopping, you can get each of the gifts for your boyfriend and more. You can use voucher codes, online coupons, and other great deals. The coupon code will allow you to get the best gifts without worrying about the prices. H&M Promo Codes would be a great place to start.