Do you look older than you feel? Do people tell you that you look tired when you feel totally fine?

We all do our best to take care of our skin, but it’s not always enough to stand up to the effects of time, stress, and gravity.

You try to drink as much water as possible, get the proper amount of sleep, and take your skincare routine seriously. But you’re only human.

If you feel like you’re losing the battle against time, here are a few safe and simple procedures that can remove years from your appearance.

1. Brow Lift

A brow lift can help you elevate and tighten the brow area, while smoothing out any wrinkles, furrows, or other age lines.

If you’re dealing with issues like deep furrows or frown lines above your eyebrows, you should read the following resource for more information about getting a brow lift and see if it can help you.

2. Chin Lift or Neck Lift

Are you seeing a double chin or jowls look back at you in the mirror or on Zoom calls? This can make you look much older than you actually are. These areas are also notoriously difficult to tone with diet and exercise.

A chin lift or neck lift can help you target these often-problematic areas by helping you remove a double chin and any other unsightly fat in the face.

Basically, your surgeon will use a small incision to remove neckbands and tighten your loose neck muscles. The end result gives you a more defined jawline and a more youthful glow.

3. Cheek Lift or Mid Face Lift

The area surrounding your eyes is typically the first thing that people see, and often the first place that the signs of aging will show up.

This could take the form of things like crow’s feet or laugh lines. You may also look permanently fatigued with things like sagging cheeks, deep bags under your eyes, or a loss of facial volume.

Anti-aging creams probably aren’t going to help you with these problems. The most impactful solution is likely to get a cheek lift or mid facelift to restore a youthful and well-rested look.

4. Facelift

If you’re suffering from a combination of several of the issues we’ve listed above, your best bet may be to get a full facelift procedure or rhytidectomy.

Despite the many new innovations and treatments available in plastic surgery clinics today, the facelift still remains one of the most popular procedures on the market. It was the 5thmost popular procedure in 2019, with well over 123,000 successful procedures.

It still remains one of the most effective ways to tighten loose skin and remove unwanted fat deposits. The other procedures may offer you a more targeted approach if you’re struggling with area-specific issues. But a facelift could be your best option if you’re dealing with issues in both your upper and lower face.

You can take an active role in determining how you age. If any of these procedures really resonated with you, you should reach out to a qualified plastic surgeon to see what’s possible.