Gold measured in carats increases in value with higher numbers. Modern jewelers mix different alloys to increase the toughness of the metal and also to change the color. Most fine jewelry in the USA is 18 carats, while the most popular being 14 carats. The digital age has simplified gold buying with numerous e-stores like William Henry selling authentic hallmarked items. 
Gold Jewelry

The Alloys Of Gold

During this article, you will often come across the term alloy. An alloy is a mixture of different metals that adds to corrosion's strength and resistance to the base metal. Similarly, gold mixed with other metals gives it different colors. If you want to purchase varieties of gold, don't forget to explore the collection at William Henry.


Vermeil is popularly known as gilded silver produced from gilded silver or gilt. Gold is attached to the sterling using electrolysis and an acid bath. Gold should be at least 10cts and 1.5 microns thick. When vermeil comes with hallmarking, it should be 925 for sterling silver. Reputed jewelers like William Henry use 18 carats and 24-carat gold to plate the designs. 

White Gold

White gold jewelry is plated with rhodium and requires extra care to show signs of wear. It is a popular form of alloy loved by American women. You will get white gold by mixing gold with nickel or palladium, zinc, and copper.

Rose Gold

Women love their rose gold jewelry. The warm design of rose gold flatters a dress like nothing else. Rose gold comes in a variety of pinks and blends perfectly with gemstone colors and white metals. You will get Rose Gold by mixing 14cts rose gold with copper. You will find a brilliant collection of rose gold jewelry when you shop for unique e-stores like William Henry.

Pricing And Quality For Gold

Their purity levels determine the prices of gold. But how to know the purity of gold? If you have a gold testing facility or lab nearby, you can check it to get an authentic judgment. In case you don't have one, always look for the hallmark.

Hallmarks are unique markings found across hidden parts of an item. (inner circle of rings, back of earrings, etc.). Reputed jewelers like William Henry, usually have markings on them that indicates gold content. You can calculate the price by:

Learn the bullion price of gold, which refers to its market price. Pure golds are sold in ounces, while non-pure jewelry is sold in grams.

Compute the price of gold using standard calculation practices

Jewelers will add their making charges and keep the prices a little high for their profit margins. Also, expect to pay a little higher if you customize the jewelry according to your preference.

Connect with prestigious names like William Henry to get the best prices on the purest gold jewelry online. 

How To Take Care Of Your Precious Metal?

Gold is a durable metal that lasts for generations to come. But when you take good care, your gold will continue to shine and won't be easily damaged. Let's look at some crucial tips that will protect your investment:

Harmful chemicals present in soaps might wear your gold color. So, remove any gold jewelry before bathing, swimming, and cleaning.

Ensure proper storage of your gold jewelry by wrapping them up in soft clothing. Store gold chains in long boxes and they should not untangle with other pieces of jewelry. It will also prevent your parts from scratch.
  • Rub your jewelry gently to remove oil and dust
  • Clean your jewelry with liquid detergent mixed with warm water

How To Choose Your Jewelry Shop?

Buying gold isn't easy when you need to take care of these factors. You can start by finding stores like William Henry, who are members of the Jewelry Association of America. You can also buy them online but ensure to do it from reputed e-stores only.
  • Choose stores that have a well-established reputation in the market.
  • Experienced and certified jewelers on the staff
  • When shopping online, look for a liberal return policy.
  • Ask for the original packaging and itemized receipt.
  • Ask for a report from an independent gemologist.

When you are purchasing gold, you are making a vital decision. So, always buy it from professional and respected names like William Henry to receive the authentic piece. Gold is not only a woman's best friend but the best buddy for men too.