Pain is one of the major symptoms of a problem in any part of your body. Several drugs are used in pain management to enhance your comfort and allow you to rest. However, some people complain of pain in their arms, back, or leg even after taking over the counter drugs to alleviate the pain. In this case, an epidural injection is used to relieve the pain. Epidural injection in New Brunswick provides quick and effective musculoskeletal pain relief.
Epidural Injectio

What is an epidural injection?

It is a treatment method that is minimally invasive and is used in the treatment of leg pain, back pain, or arm pain. The care provider usually administers a dose of the injection into the epidural space around the spinal cord. Most epidural injections usually contain a combination of anesthetics, steroids, and an anti-inflammatory drug. After the solution has entered your body, it relives both the inflammation and swelling in your nerve roots. It also plays an essential role in relieving any irritation and supports the body's natural healing mechanism.

What conditions can benefit from an epidural injection?

Generally, an epidural injection is given to alleviate the chronic pain that is not responsive to rest, physical therapy, or oral drugs. An epidural injection effectively manages pain caused by spinal stenosis, bone spurs, herniated discs, back injuries, failed surgery, bulging discs, or leg injuries. Additionally, an epidural injection is used to relieve pain due to vertebral or nerve injuries.

How to prepare for an epidural injection?

Before the day you receive the epidural injection, the health care provider usually gives you a list of instructions. In case you are taking other prescriptions, supplements, or vitamins, the care provider may require you to stop taking them all.

The doctor may also recommend you to fast several hours before the procedure to prevent any stomach upset or nausea that you might experience. You are also advised to arrive ten or fifteen minutes earlier to provide enough time for the specialist to fill all the paperwork.

What happens during an epidural injection?

On arriving at the facility, you are supposed to change into a hospital gown and lie on the examination table on your side or stomach. A CT imaging or a Fluoroscopy is used to observe the injection site to ensure that the epidural injection is accurate. Several syringes are prepared, each containing either corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory drugs. The injections are administered one after the other, which is a very quick and painless process. Once the drugs enter your body, it eases the pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Do epidural injections provide immediate relief?

After receiving an epidural injection, they do not start working immediately. However, you should begin noting some improvement in your underlying cause or symptoms in approximately twenty-four to forty-eight hours. The time that an epidural injection lasts depends on the severity of your underlying cause and symptoms. Different people experience different pain relief ranging from days, weeks, or months.

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