bachelorette party

Before your best friend gets locked with her man for a lifetime, your ultimate duty is to give her the best and probably the craziest party of her life right before her wedding day comes. Your friend still has a lot of preparations to finish before she gets married. Pre-wedding events like her bridal shower, where she will receive different kinds of presents from her friends, families, and relatives.

She also would have to go for her rehearsal dinner, where all of her guests and long lost friends would gather. There's the gown fitting to take care of. Plus, the food and wine tasting have to be attended to as well. With all those stressful errands, she would definitely look forward to that bachelorette party, so you better be ready and give her a blast!

There's a long list of great venues and themes for a bachelorette party online. You can decide to have a beach bachelorette party if she is into diving or just a mermaid. If she's the wild and crazy type, Vegas bachelorette parties would be the absolute venue for gambling, night clubs, parties, literally everything.

I'm sure you're pumped up on planning the best party of her life, right?  These kinds of parties are not limited to women only even men can also do them visit for more information. With that said, here are tips on arranging a bachelorette party for your besties:

Make the party unexpected

The first thing to do is don't let her know that you are planning a bachelorette party for her. You can keep it a secret in so many ways but having a bachelorette party can be too predictable. So, what you're going to do is don't let her give the slightest idea of what theme or where the venue would be.

Be sure that it is what she wants, and as her trusted friend, you surely know those things that she enjoys the most. If you know that she likes the beach, then don't take her to the mountains, you get the idea. You can also take a step further and try to surprise her by mixing all the things that she likes into one setting.

If she's fond of doing a full body massage and loves to hike in the mountains, then you can arrange a full body massage at a spa that has an overlooking view of nature—spice up the things that she loves and exceed her expectations.

Don't do too many activities

As much as you want to spend all of your time together, doing lots of activities, try to keep the number of activities in check, so you don't lose track of time. There are uncontrollable and inevitable situations that might happen on the day of the bachelorette's party, so you have to put that in mind. If you have lesser plans, you can allocate your time well without letting your best friend feel that you are always in a rush. If she has many hobbies and activities that you think she wants to do, then do the first tip, which is to mix all the things that she wants into one setting. That way, you can maximize your time and let her enjoy the party without stressing schedules and unpredictable scenarios.

Have a backup plan

Always have a backup plan when things don't go in your way. Have a backup plan in terms of the schedules, time, date, transportation, and the sets of activities to be done. That may seem overly dramatic, but it is best to be sure than mess up your friend's bachelorette party.

Have a list of your expenses

In times like these, it is best not to hold back on the expenses. You just want to let your friend enjoy her day without worrying about the expenses. But still, you should monitor your costs and remember to take control of it. You can still have fun with fewer expenses. Try to settle for those cheaper alternatives if you have a tight budget.

List down the people involve

You must choose the person closest to your friend first. If she has another group of friends, then invite her closest friends in that group. List down the people you think she wants to be there, but if you can accommodate all of them, why not. Let them help with the planning as well and ask for suggestions for the bachelorette party.

Don't forget about the wedding day

The most important part of all is to never forget your friend's fiancé. You can create an activity or surprise her with something from her fiancé. Also, the activities that you set must be appropriate for her and make sure that she still wants to be married after the bachelorette party.

Have a blast and enjoy your time! But remember not to go overboard. You might look like a drag queen on the day of the wedding!