Cannabis holds a lot of advantageous medicinal properties and is therefore slowly legalized in a lot of states across the world. Cannabis can help you with chronic illnesses, acute pain, depression and anxiety, and degenerative ailments. But, a whole lot of people buy, sell, possess, grow, and consume the plant for recreational purposes due to which the state and its federal laws restrict the marketing and use of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products. The advertising policies of several Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. have prohibited promotions of this business as precautionary measures against the use of illegally prescribed cannabis. 
Cannabis Industry

Social media is one of the most highly efficient ways to promote businesses. To promote cannabis seeds for sale and its by-products on it, CBD business owners need to start getting creative with their advertisements not to get banned and also reach a sizable audience.

These are seven tips for social media marketing for the cannabis industry to ensure that your brand makes a strong presence on social media and helps you broaden your reach, increase your followers, and avoid any legal proceedings or account deletion.

Educational content

Educational content

Medicinal marijuana and cannabis dispensary have a lot of myths associated with them that need to be busted if you want to make something of your business in this field. Posting educational content is essential to clarify all the misinformation regarding the cannabis industry, especially for those who have recently found out about it and will eagerly want to follow you to learn more about your social account and the products. Before trying to make deals and enlarge your audience, you need to first explain to them that CBD is not what they think it is and clarify their doubts, for both, the platform as well as the audience to build their faith in you.

Influencer marketing

To broaden your reach, your brand needs to make their products reach new audiences beyond your social media following, and that is where Influencer Marketing plays a significant role, which is one of the best strategies to grow organically on social media. However, it is imperative to pick the right influencer for collaboration, whose target audience complements yours. For example, a social media influencer in the field of health and fitness would make the right partner for your brand because that would help you promote your products in the right sector and in front of a bigger and more inclined audience. 
Influencer marketing

Brand ambassadors

A brand ambassador is typically a customer who is happy with your products and agrees to market it for you through their social media posts. Brand ambassadors help in increasing consumer knowledge and are, therefore, an excellent strategy to grow your audience on social media. They are a very reliable source as those ambassadors have already been your customers, and hence their word of mouth is trustworthy.

A brand can pick out several satisfied customers from its base and offer them incentives to turn into ambassadors to promote their products, growing the brand immensely.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories permit companies to market their products in new and creative ways, and this allows these brands to reach out to over 800 million accounts every day. Your present-day followers love watching Instagram stories as they are quick, quirky, engaging and very 'current scenario'. Instagram stories are a potent tool to captivate your audience, and therefore, you need to carefully choose the content that will help you pump up and excite them.

Engage with your customers

There is a massive power in social connection. You are engaging with your customers and target audience on social media, which can take you a long way. When you engage with your customers on social media and respond to them, you build a healthy and positive social relationship with them. Lately, a lot of people are turning to social media for customer service, and this has made it a more preferred way of communication, making it beneficial for your organization. So the quicker, more expressive and more benign you are, the crowd is bound to get attracted to you.

Make Video Content

Video content is more engaging than readable posts and images. Videos are more catchy and expressive and can explain the product and its benefits rightly. Platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have a large number of users who prefer watching videos over reading captions under images. Video marketing is always a good investment without transgressing any restrictions or social media policies. Posting videos of satisfied customers help build the faith of the target audience in your products, hence expanding your business.


Social media can be quite tricky when it comes to marketing products and may not think twice before taking down or blocking any content they deem unfit for the public. Company owners need to be very careful when marketing their products. They have to come up with creative, as well as educational content to be able to explain and justify their legacy, dilate your customer base and elongate their reach.