As technology has grown from strength to strength it's quite hard to imagine how it will be able to continue to grow and evolve as time passes. There are many critics who have claimed that technology has reached its peak and we will soon witness a decline in new technologies. However, many other critics have argued that we are just the beginning of understanding and developing newer technologies that will be birthed from our current technologies.

Many of the technologies we have today have helped to streamline businesses, improve workflow and improve entertainment. Considering social media platforms and their appearance and use globally, it's hard to either argue, for or against technology will be right.

(Source- Our World in Data)

However, there have been some developments in the video sector which is booming. Almost all traffic online is video traffic and with the popularity of YouTube and its content creators increasing, the shift from picture to videos is slowly happening which means they may be space for new technologies.

Virtual videos have the ability to help make virtual experiences even richer thanks to sound quality. Sony’s 360 Reality Audio helps to turn music into an immersive experience by helping the user sound surrounded by the sounds in their 3D world.

A new video featuring Kojey Radical using Sonys’ 360 Realty audio makes for one of the most interesting videos to watch and listen to.

How does Sony’s 360 Realty Audio work?

The new formatting of sound offered by Sony allows individual sound to be poisoned within the video allowing for precise sounds to be heard at the exact time in the video. These sounds are positioned anywhere around the head of the user creating an immersive experience. The individual sound placement allows the artist to choose what type of experience they would like to give the listener. This includes sounds such as being on stage and positioning the sound of instruments as they would be laid out on stage.

The best thing about this new technology is that you don't need any fancy equipment to experience it, headphones will simply do. This new format represents a shift in the world of spatial audio with an evolution to listening to music and other types of audio. By emulating how certain sounds are received by the human ear, reality audio has the ability to create the illusion of hearing those in a specific space creating the feeling of being a 3D space.

If sounds are positioned in our individual ears at specific times, our brain will make us believe the sound is coming from one side and not the other as it will take time for the sound to travel from one side of heads to the other. The differences and gaps in time between registering what we hear in our right ear and how long it takes to travel to the left will create locations in our minds. And so when watching a video with reality video, the user will feel fully immersed.

Virtual Experience and Reality Audio

As the pandmei pushes on the fewer industrie aer able to open. There is scope for reality Audio which can birth a new normal. One of the biggest sectors to have been hit by the pandemic has been the arts and entertainment sector. If technology like reality audio was introduced in this sector, it may be able to create a new online experience for viewers, West End productions may be able to return to their stage with a virtual audience who are able to enjoy the show through this new technology as it becomes popular according the graph below.

(Source- Extreme Tech)

Video games can also be revolutionised to change the way players interact with games as sounds can make them feel more immersed. For example Virtual Reality escape rooms can feel 10 times more real as sounds are positioned in areas of the game. So when a player moves an item or picks one up, their brains can distinguish its aesthetic qualities such as what is the item made of as well as its location.

Across many different industries, virtual worlds are becoming increasingly popular and important to the wider culture. Faster connectivity such as the hopes of 5G will make internet connection much more quicker allowing for more industries to take advantage of new technologies. Thanks to the pandemic, many brands and businesses alike have turned to online platforms. Musicians are now holding concerts in video games and brands too are launching new products in video games. Fashion brands are launching online in virtual catwalks and more investments are being made into VR.

As users become used to these technologies they als expect to see them included in films. Together these technologies will radically revolutionise the entertainment and music industry as we know it today. There may also be room for it in Journalism creating immersive Journalism and news reporting. And so, going back to the argument above regarding whether or not we have run out of scope for new technology, it seems each one technology birth another.