Birth control is one way to control your life; however, finding the best birth control method can be confusing and overwhelming at times. That is why Boca Raton birth control offers you a place to find the right advice and the right methods to take control of your life. You will find an all-women team ready to help you with any reproductive issue. Additionally, as a woman, you need a place where you can freely let out your fears, one component you will find at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists.

Why you should have birth control services

birth control services

Contraceptives help you make important decisions in your life without influencing your sex life. Children are a blessing; however, they must come at the perfect time. A variety of birth control methods exist, with many advantages to your overall and reproductive health. Apart from pregnancy, contraceptives help prevent STIs. Further, birth control solutions vary when they help you stay safe, some do so for a few minutes while some are effective for many months.

How birth control methods work

Contraceptives have many uses, and your doctor will help you decide the most suitable for you. Types of birth control methods in the market include:
  • Sterilizations: These work by blocking the natural movement of sperms from your male counterpart. During intercourse, sperms must reach the fallopian tube for fertilization purposes. However, sterilization prevents the action of keeping you safe from pregnancy.
  • Barriers: These are the most used contraceptives in the world, as they include condoms. The principle behind these devices is that they prevent sperms from reaching the productive parts of a woman.
  • Cycle Tracking: Includes natural forms of birth control that often include counting the days that a woman receives her period. During peak times, you must avoid having sex and only do so when the risk drops.
  • Hormones: These birth control methods influence your natural production of sex hormones. When taken, they can prevent your body from releasing eggs.
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs): These work by placing plastic devices, usually T-shaped, in your reproductive system. The presence of the devices blocks the natural movement of sperms to the ova.

Birth control methods available

Birth control methods
MyDoc Women's Health Specialists offers many ways of receiving contraceptives. The most common ways include:
  • Surgical sterilization (tubal ligation or Essure®)
  • Oral contraceptives
  • IUD (intrauterine device)
  • Diaphragm
  • Surgical sterilization

How to pick the right birth control method

Contraceptives have many advantages; however, you will need your doctor's help to pick the right one. Your doctor will check your health status and what you hope to achieve with your reproductive health before choosing a birth control device for you. Therefore, you will have to surrender your medical history and explain what you hope to achieve with your reproductive health. Further, your future sexual life will play a part in deciding the best birth control method. Factors considered when selecting a contraceptive include:
  • Side effects
  • Their suitability in protection against STIs
  • Reversibility of the birth control option
Control your sexual life today with birth control options available at MyDoc Women's Health Specialists. Reach the facility through a call or online to book a consultation.