Fluoroscopic Guidance Procedure

Pain and injuries can make you unproductive and uncomfortable. Additionally, a lack of special care for the wound can lead to other deadly complications which are challenging to treat. Philadelphia fluoroscopic guidance offers an opportunity to get you back up and running with its platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. A session with your doctor using the procedure will stimulate your body's natural healing process. You can redefine your healing process with a fluoroscopic guidance treatment today.

What is a Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment?

The body has a natural way of dealing with wounds. Most of the time, you will notice that a mild injury disappears by itself with time. With PRP treatment, your doctor replicates the body's natural healing process to decrease the rejuvenation time of extensive injuries. PRP is a blood product dominated by platelets and other growth factors that help the body regenerate and heal. For the procedure, your doctor uses a small amount of your blood to create the healing agent. PRP treats conditions such as:
  • Sporting injuries
  • Chronic Pains

Does PRP combine with stem cells?

PRP is combined with stem cells to help rejuvenate your body faster. Stem cells can transform themselves to help regenerate various organs, such as nerves, tissue, or blood vessels.
How is fluoroscopic guidance used in treatment?

Stem cell therapy treatment requires fluoroscopic guidance to achieve the best results. Your doctor will use the technique to make PRP injections into your stem cells to help improve the healing process. Fluoroscopic guidance is a technique that allows your doctor to create x-ray images with high precision to enhance the accuracy of the injections into your system.

High-level skills from your doctor will improve your healing time. Stuart A. Kauffman, D.O., has extensive procedure knowledge and will help speed up your healing time.
Who can use a fluoroscopic guidance procedure?

Anyone can have a fluoroscopic guidance procedure; however, you will need to consult with Dr Kauffman to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Your doctor will use the technique to treat issues such as:
  • Sports injuries
  • Lower back pain
  • Spinal and neck injuries
  • Damaged ligaments

Dr Kauffman may also inject you with pain relievers to help you cope with your injury during the healing process. However, you will notice a significant improvement during or after the second injection offered by your doctor.

What to expect during a fluoroscopic guidance procedure?

Dr Kauffman will take you through various requirements before the procedure. The most general instructions before the procedure include wearing comfortable and loose clothes. Additionally, your doctor will use an X-ray to thoroughly assess the treatment area to increase the procedure's effectiveness. The special x-rays and scanners will create an image on the screen, which will help your doctor navigate the treatment to the right point of your injury.

You will experience some slight discomfort when PRP interacts with your system. However, the procedure comes with little or no pain.

Improve your healing times with Stuart A. Kauffman’s procedure in Philadelphia, PA, which will reignite your ability to do what you love once again. Reach your doctor via a phone call or make an online appointment today.