Covid-19 has affected all over the world in different sectors. One of the major areas which has been disturbed and completely closed home tuition in Lucknow, Schools, Coaching classes, Classrooms and all educational institutes.

Children around 1.2 billion among 186 countries affected. Due to covid-19 a revolutionising evolution of edtech platforms comes out. Even before covid-19, there were edtech industries and were working well but after this pandemic, from all over the world edtech platforms are rising widely.

If we talk about India, there are some places here where no computer and internet are still not used. Due to covid-19 even the Government of India launched many applications for the students and teachers. One of such websites used by the teachers and home tutors in Lucknow is “Ashayein” .

Tackling the Difficulties

Every school has their own online class schedules for different classes. They provide all training, classes and activities through online from laptop and mobile phones. Like all over India, here in Lucknow, online class revolutionising the education standards. Students are learning much better than the classrooms.  Surveys and studies are saying that students found much better and interesting to learn online than the real classrooms, parents and students say learning online through laptop and mobile phones makes students more curious and find it interesting.

Firstly, the children are learning at their own pace, and children find them to be free from dressed up and uniform and all stuff. Parents find it much more time saving as children are at home itself so they can learn, read and revise again by that time only. Here Lucknow is also providing best online math classes in most of the tutoring organizations, a revolution in education sectors.

Most of the schools have perfect schedules and learning criteria for the children where parents also have positive responses for the  classes.

Due to covid-19, where things and the economy worsened, these edtech platforms revolutionised the whole education sector and learning abilities.

Many areas nearby Lucknow and other places also where Internet, computer and electricity are still not available at its good condition. People who do not know about using the Internet, are also now able to surf the internet, Due to this pandemic for the children's education, and many policies and applications by the government.

Internet and mobile phones are used for studies, parents are providing internet and mobile which is used by every person now-a- days is now used for studies of children.

It's also a revolution in India as well as Lucknow and nearby places where there is a lack of facilities, people are learning and using the Internet. And the best part here is the Internet is used for the purpose of "Education". That's the most positive start for the country and education sector.

Even in the village near Lucknow online classes were taking place and children were connecting and learning. Is int a revolution in education standards?

Lucknow and its strategic response to the pandemic in terms of Education

LUCKNOW capital of U.P, which is largest populated state. Impact of capital must be affected and followed by all over the state. This revolutionised evolution through online classes and education standards going to affect all over Uttar Pradesh widely.

The overall market for online education projected to reach around $350 billion by 2025.

The significant impact on students and parents for the country like India and it's village area is they are learning technically and  digitally. India and it's cities like Lucknow, Prayagraj are getting habitual through digital learning which would have a very bright and positive impact for the future of the country where the coming era would be completely digital.  This online class and learning online videos, tutorials, zoom calls etc are just a start for the little kids to connect with technology and the world. This impacts revolutionising evolution in education standard in Lucknow and like- wise cities.

Surveys and studies say Lucknow has set one of the best standards by providing better and practical online classes which have scheduled very well. And it has been noticed that through classes children are not just learning but improving too.

Overall role of online classes and edtech platforms revolutionising the education standards in Lucknow as well as many cities all over the country and the world.