Making your choice of laptop for photo editing can be difficult, due to the requirements you'd need to look out for. If this is the current situation you find yourself don't worry this article will guide you through how to get the best laptops for photo editing.

Do You Need A Laptop For Photo Editing?

Some individuals have desktops in their homes with photo editing equipment, however, a laptop will give you flexibility. You can make use of it anywhere for photo editing because it can be carried along. So, it is necessary to have a laptop for photo editing.

Features To Consider In Laptops For Photo Editing

Don't get it wrong, not every laptop you see is suitable for photo editing. There are some specific features to look out for when making your choice of laptop for photo editing. Read below to find out these features.

  1. Screen Size and Resolution

Selecting the monitor size and resolution you want is one good consideration when shopping for a laptop for photo editing. Screen sizes between 12" to 15" are not bad. However, you can choose to go above 15". Screen size and resolution are important because you want to make sure that your work is up to standard. Quality photos are in the range of 300 PPI. So the resolution density of your laptop screen needs to be at that same level or close so you can get the best editing of photos.

  1. RAM and Storage Memory

Random access memory (RAM) and the storage memory are other features to consider when choosing a laptop for photo editing. Memory requirements for photo editing are about 8GB RAM, but if you are dealing with heavy work then you need about 16HB RAM. Storage memory should be considered too. There are different types of storage memory: Hybrids, HDD, and SSD. These listed ones have their pros and cons. The fact is for you to get a storage memory of at least 500GB and above. Note that the storage memory of laptops can be expanded to a higher size when needed.

  1. Processor

This has to do with the speed at which your laptop functions during photo editing. The processor of the latest systems for photo editing is around i5 or i7 processors. Note that it is not about i5 or i7 is the best processor, the age of the processor matters. The number of GHz is more important. You could get an older dual-core processor that may be slow but works perfectly, or you go for a quad-core processor which is one of the latest.

Some Other Features To Look Out For

Operating System: For PCs, Linux operating system is better than Windows for photo editing. While for Mac computers, the Mac OS X operating system is the best. This should be well noted before buying a laptop for photo editing.

Device Versatility: The value and versatility of your photo editing laptop can be increased by the number of card slots, USB ports, and device ports on it. A greater number of these are possible if you get the right laptop for your photo editing work.

Battery Life: Lastly, if your laptop possesses all the features mentioned and the battery doesn't last long, then it's of no use. Longer better life comes with a higher capacity battery. Though it may be a bit expensive.


Note that unlike desktops, upgrading a laptop can be hard and expensive. So you need to purchase with futuristic value, not a laptop that will get out of line a few months later. With this strategy, you'd save yourself the cost and expenses of running around for an upgrade.