Local Restoration Companies
Local restoration companies are an integral part of any community. Since residential clients make up 62% of their business, restoration companies need to ensure they are adequately staffed and ready to respond when needed. As such, vetting new employees can be an extensive process.

Beyond passing the interview portion, potential hires need to be cleared for work before they can even start their first day. This includes confirming work eligibility through E-Verify®. Restoration companies can benefit from implementing E-Verify® software in this approval process to streamline their hiring and securely store information on new hires.

What is E-Verify®?

E-Verify® is an online system that allows employers to check the work status of their potential employees. It works by cross-referencing information that employees fill out on Form I-9 (Employee Eligibility Verification) against records held by the Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security. This program is voluntary, but those with contracts that contain the E-Verify® clause or those with specific state legislation mandating E-Verify® need to enroll.

This is where local restoration companies relate. Since restoration companies respond to catastrophes or disasters, they are usually contracted to provide services to federal, state, and local governments as well as residential clients.

E-Verify Software

E-Verify Software
E-Verify® software saves companies time and stress throughout the verification process. This benefits local restoration companies because staffing can increase at any time, which is usually based on demand in the area. It is important for restoration companies to respond quickly to ensure that they are fully staffed at all times.

Being able to complete employee verification processes quickly and easily saves the company trouble and allows them to serve their community efficiently.

Secure Data Management

Utilizing E-Verify® software allows restoration companies to securely process their employees’ Employee Eligibility Verification forms through the E-Verify® web system. Employee information is pre-populated when new cases are created and then securely stored and backed up. With this feature, restoration companies can save time by not re-entering basic data. They also don’t have to worry about losing important forms.

Cases that later need to be revisited can be easily downloaded from the E-Verify® software, which means that restoration companies can easily re-access files of the people they are rehiring for restoration work even after the original case has been closed.

Notification System

E-Verify® software comes with a notification system that helps restoration companies stay on track and keep an eye on the E-verification process. This helps companies manage their employees and keep the system organized. Notifications are sent out for employees that need re-verification in 90 days and also alert the company when cases need to be closed. This allows the company to easily move people in and out, for example, during times of crisis and need and after services have been provided.

Local restoration companies hold a large responsibility to their communities. Since disasters can happen within a community without warning, restoration companies need to be able to process new hires quickly through the E-Verify® process and remain compliant with regulations. Save time and stress on E-verification by looking into E-Verify® software today.