Artificial Intelligence has changed the quality of life and the majority of people seem to love living in this new era. Now TV marketing and TV, in general, is dead because of the technology’s progress. Humankind seems to rather prefer another type of poison and that’s the Internet.

Lots of people are taking advantage of this situation, especially the big companies like Facebook and Google, but the brand new type of marketers, too. Every marketer is behind a company that’s trying to sell services or products to people. Did we ask for this?

Partially, yes, partially, no. Half of the answer is yes because it’s us who sign up for email newsletters, it’s us who enter some sites in order to buy something.

But we didn’t ask to be disturbed all the time by ads when we’re trying to talk to our friends or when we’re simply scrolling through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram. Ads that are showing make us want to buy more, even if we don’t have the money.

A great tool of manipulation is SEO itself. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the process of making the sites in such a way that Google loves them and wants to rank them on its very first page and even the first results.

It has some principles, called ranking factors, among which we can enumerate: the site’s speed, the overall user experience, the number of backlinks pointing to a site etc.

Google wants their users to have the best experience possible on the site, in order to keep them there as long as possible, to see more ads (Google Ads) and gain more and more data about them.

SEO is composed of 3 main parts: the Technical SEO, On and Off Page SEO.

Technical SEO makes sure that the site is functional. When you perform an audit, you’ve got to look after the following issues: broken pages, images or links, which need to be replaced for a better user experience.

Moreover, there is the minify and cache problem, which helps you make your website more readable in Google’s eyes. You also must have a sitemap, which is the map of your website and tells search engines what they should index and crawl.

The On Page SEO part is just as important as the Technical SEO part. That’s because it focuses on the users’ experience, too. Meta titles, meta descriptions, titles, images need to be present on your website and they need to be optimized.

Also, your content should be long enough and offer information about your users’ search intent. Remember, the users are the most important in Google’s and Facebook’s eyes because they generate revenue. Meta descriptions, meta titles, urls and reading score is something you should definitely consider.

That’s because the first three are the most important when it comes to an user’s first search and impression of your site. If they aren’t convincing enough, the user simply won’t click on them and it’s going to be very difficult to have a big click-through rate.

Also take into consideration the alts of the images, which tell Google what your site is about. Try to see this from a bigger perspective. If your site isn’t good enough, your users will leave and will not only search for other sites, but they will also search for other search engines, which is really bad for Google. Nevertheless, it’s all about business, nothing personal.

Regarding the Off Page SEO, you should know that it represents your website’s authority in Google’s eyes. The more popular you are (the more people are linking to you), the better and from here come higher rankings. There are some factors you should take into consideration, such as DA, PA, traffic and spam score.

DA or Domain Authority is a metric calculated by Moz and it represents your domain’s overall authority in search engines’ eyes. PA is a page’s ability to rank. The traffic coming from a site is also important, as it should be as high as possible.

The spam score represents the possibility of being penalized by Google. Therefore, the higher the spam score, the worse. Being penalized by Google isn’t easy and you should be aware of this. If you are penalized, it’s very hard to recover from that.

In conclusion, the big companies like Google, Bing, Facebook want to keep you on their site or app as long as possible, in order to make profit. They keep showing you ads based on your search history, connections or even likes.

That’s possible because of Artificial Intelligence. You can start your journey in Artificial Intelligence right away with Auxilio and see the GPU dedicated server prices. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with these services and you will definitely love them.