Laser Dentistry

If you face cavity issues, gum surgery, and other oral problems, it's time to learn about laser dentistry and innovative dental care. Laser dentistry skips drills and needles and instead uses high-powered light energy. This is an advanced treatment method to treat various dental conditions effectively and comfortably. At New Dimension Dentistry, Doris Giraldo, DDS, offers Midtown Manhattan laser dentistry that gives patients precision, accuracy, and possibly less pain. For more information on how laser dentistry can help enhance your smile, call the New York office, or schedule an appointment online.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

This innovative treatment uses a specialized instrument that concentrates light energy into a narrow beam. Laser dentistry uses light energy to treat gums and teeth by; eliminating decay, teeth whitening, caring for your teeth enamel, treating ulcers, eradicating gum disease, treating hypersensitivity, performing dental surgeries like root canals, and releasing tied tongues in kids. Laser dentistry is suitable for both pediatric and adult patients. At New Dimension Dentistry, Dr Giraldo and her team have been experienced in providing laser dentistry for years. They are trained at regulating the laser to the accurate power level so you won't have any tissue damage.

Is Laser Dentistry Painful?

Laser dentistry is the ideal solution if you are anxious about dental work because of the drilling and cutting involved. You might feel some sensation with laser dentistry, but you will find it more comfortable than traditional treatments. You won't feel heat or vibrations as you do from a dental drill. In most cases, laser dentistry treatments are comfortable enough, and you won't need anaesthesia injections before your procedure. Any bleeding that may occur gets properly wiped away. Like before, your mouth will be wide open, allowing the dentist to work with the laser to treat your issues. Laser dentistry is the ideal solution i

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry?

Besides being more convenient and comfortable than traditional dentistry, laser dentistry comes with additional benefits, including; less breeding, lessened need for sutures, lower risk of infection, and you don't have to get an anaesthetic injection. Also, laser dentistry causes less damage and injury to treated areas, promoting quicker healing than traditional dental work. You should expect a more straightforward procedure and faster recovery time.

How Can Laser Dentistry Be Integrated Into A Preventive Dentistry?

Laser dentistry technology detects hidden decay in your teeth when it's in the earliest stages and most accessible to treat. You can use laser dentistry to diagnose tooth cavities earlier before they damage your tooth. This way, you will take early precautions by enhancing your dental hygiene and using fluoride treatments, preventing the cavity's progression. Patients of all ages can enjoy this innovative technology.

In conclusion, laser dentistry can help you get comprehensive dental care. However, you need to find a qualified laser dentistry specialist to avoid any risk involved, such as using the wrong wavelength that could damage your tissues. Call or book an appointment online with New Dimension Dentistry today for the best treatment.