Service Bodies
Whether you are a commercial worker, an emergency service provider, or a passionate camper, your tools and equipment are of utmost importance. What’s more important is the tools’ easy accessibility, organization, and protection when the need arises. As a service provider, what can be your worst nightmare? It can be a misplaced tool or your unprofessional look, putting off your customers.

This is where a UTE Service body comes to your rescue. Customization according to your storage requirements is now possible with UTE Service bodies. With your regular ute truck, the storage space can be limited. Plus, accessibility to a particular package or equipment can be a time-consuming and laborious task. A service body can maximize your storage capacity and minimize accessibility problems efficiently. Below are some of the important aspects of a ute service body which can make your life easier:

Say Yes To Organized Storage Space!

Do you end up wasting a lot of time finding tools? Are heavy toolboxes in your ute taking up maximum space? Here, service bodies prove helpful by offering compartmentalized storage space for your tools. The service bodies provide built-in specific trays to organize your tools better.

From quickly retrieving tools from side compartments to easily accessing extra tires and water for emergencies, you can have it all with service bodies. Therefore, this negates the chances of mixed up tools and saves your time and energy.

Save Up On Fuel And Work Efficiently

A ute is helpful in carrying heavy loads from one place to another. The uneven storage of the load can cause your vehicle to drag. In the process, your engine can suffer the consequences, and your fuel can dry up quickly. However, service bodies have a modular design that distributes the load evenly and reduces the stress on the vehicle.

A smart compartmentalized design of service bodies evenly distributes the weight of the load in your vehicle. This means maximum optimization of your work truck with lesser maintenance costs.

Get Access To Better Weather Protection

Working during hot temperatures in the field can harm the equipment in your ute. The heavy delivery packages drenched in rainwater in your ute can be a nightmare to handle. Rough weather conditions can be a tough call, but service bodies are capable of facing it effectively. Service bodies come with a tough exterior that protects your load in all types of weather conditions.

MFT Service Bodies is a premium service body provider that offers modern microfiber service bodies. It’s water-tight, and thermal insulation property prevents water and heat from entering your vehicle. Hence, you can rest assured your work truck is well-protected from the forces of nature.

Nullified Chances Of Theft

Once your ute is left unattended, chances of theft increases, instances of ute delivery package theft are not unheard of. With a service body, the chances of your tools and equipment getting stolen are negligible. With an inbuilt interlocking system and cameras installed in certain cases, a service body ensures total security and protection.

Go The Customization Way!

The specialty of a service body is that it can be customized and modified according to your needs. Depending on your requirement, a service body can be designed from scratch! Or, if you already have a ute, you can increase its functionality by customizing it into an all-purpose service body.

Achieve A Professional Look

We all agree a first impression goes a long way. Also, your company’s work truck represents your company. A cluttered, unorganized work truck does not convey professionalism. You might offer the best services in town, but your messy work truck will make your customers doubt your professionalism.

A well-organized service body with ample storage space builds a great first impression. Separate storage trays and abundant side space in your service body can impress your customers. A professional look is important to sustain existing customers and grab potential ones in the long run.


Therefore, a service body is an answer for efficiently transferring heavy loads and equipment. At MFT Service Bodies, customized designing for service bodies is available for commercial, emergency, and recreational purposes. With over 15 years in service body designing, we are one of the most trusted service body suppliers in Australia. Give us a call at 1300 634 669 or fill out a form on our website and we will be happy to get in touch with you.