Construction Lawyer

Whether you are a homeowner, a builder, an architect, or an engineer, you can experience many obstacles in construction. For instance, someone could not meet the determined deadlines or respect the budget both sides previously agreed on. In these instances, it’s best to hire a construction lawyer like Greg Trif and reach a solution that won’t hurt either side.

When reaching an agreement, you could consult a construction lawyer on scheduling, budgeting, contracting, submitting claims, and anything else. Here are some tips to help you find the construction lawyer you need. 

Look for someone with good communication skills.

In most businesses, it's essential to have good communication skills. This is especially important for lawyers. Any lawyer has a lot of reasoning and explaining – it is an unavoidable part of their job. When looking for a construction lawyer, check this out first.

Your lawyer should be able to express everything clearly and make it easy for you to understand, even if it isn’t something you know a lot about. The lawyer should be a good listener, and there should be no mistakes in the whole process whatsoever. Good communication skills will allow the lawyer to establish a good relationship with you and your builders. 

Look for someone logical and wise.

Another essential feature of a good construction lawyer is that he is reasonable. You need to find a lawyer that can think logically and reach appropriate statements. A lot of money could be involved in construction, and having someone with these characteristics will keep you safe from losing or wasting any.

In disputes, it can be hard to reason, and our emotions can get the worst of us. However, having someone like this by your side will definitely get you to reach wise decisions. This can even help you prevent further legal cases and spare yourself more trouble. 

Look for someone local.

The following excellent characteristic of a good construction lawyer is that it could be someone local. For example, if you’re building in Avalon Beach, you could hire some Northern Beaches lawyers. Going local is great for multiple reasons.

First, a local business must understand your community's legal information. They must have a lot of experience there, which could only help you. You won’t have to worry about specific local practice elements if you hire someone from that area. 

Look for someone with analytical skills.

If you want the best construction lawyer, look for someone with good analytical skills. This is probably the most essential feature when it comes to disputes. Whether you have a simple or a complex issue, you’ll still want someone to reach the best solution.

Some common issues in the Australian construction industry are unsafe to work environments, unorganised sites, and labour costs, among other things. In Sydney, clients and builders often have disputes over house additions and alternations, builder progress payments, additional works, and leaking unit roofs. If you find a construction lawyer who is also a good problem solver, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues. 

Look for someone understanding.

This is important for you’re and your lawyer’s cooperation. You should look for someone who cares about your values and respects you. It is their job to keep your interest in focus, and this is the way to secure that.

Someone smart and understanding should be able to listen to you carefully and care about your interest. Legal actions aren’t straightforward, so having someone patient to help you get through it all will be priceless. 


Even though disputes are difficult to deal with, the whole situation can improve if you have a qualified construction lawyer. With these tips, you’ll find the perfect lawyer to have your back in any possible dispute.