Gold Bracelet
Buying gold jewelry is not only an addition to your jewelry box; it is also a significant investment that will keep advancing in technology for as long as the jewelry industry remains.

More and more jewelry stores, including online stores, are selling gold at reasonable prices. With just a few simple clicks, you can find a category for gold bracelets for women selling different gold bracelets' different types and sizes.

However, buying cold online is not as easy as ordering a pair of shoes. With gold, there are certainly considering that you should check to make sure that you are not wasting your money on fake gold. 

Should You Buy Gold Online?

There are many benefits presented by online shopping, like the convenience of it all. You don't have to walk in and out of different stores because you can quickly scroll through the list given and decide what appeals to you the most.

Even though you are looking at different gold colors, there are extensive inventories of white gold, yellow gold, gold rings, and anything else you are looking to buy from an online store. Online shops like Georg Jensen don't have many physical locations, so online shops save them a ton on overhead. When a retailer saves on cost, the same aspect is passed onto the customer.

Jewelry shopping requires you to touch and feel the piece before buying them. Therefore, Jewelers use special camera technology to make sure that people can still see the gold bracelet. They also provide extra certification to prove purity and quality. 

How to Buy Gold Jewelry Online

Single Out Trusted Online Retailers

Online retailers like Georg Jensen have already established themselves as trusted retailers. Whenever you need to buy a gold bracelet, necklace, gemstone, or a pair of gold studs online, make sure to do your research.

You can easily buy fake gold online if you are not careful. The jewelry industry, like all industries, is also full of posers. Single out guys who have specialized in online jewelry sales, including silver gold and traditional gold.

Check for Hallmarks because they are proof of the metal's purity. Different countries have laws about gold testing for purity. Whenever you buy gold jewelry, check for a hallmark to ensure that it matched the item's description.

The hallmark is either indicated by the percentage or the karatage of gold purity. It is usually engraved on inconspicuous parts of the jewelry. The marks don't have to be standard hallmarks; they can also be other marks engraved in the bracelet like the jeweler's mark, year of marking, the testing center's mark, and the purity code. 

Know the Purity of the Gold Bracelet

How expensive the gold bracelet is depends high on the purity of the gold, which is usually measured in karats. The purest gold is measured in 24 parts. 24-karat pieces are also called 24k Gold, and they are 99.9% gold.

However, because jewellery is delicate pieces, jewellers can't make pieces with pure gold. They use alloys or other metals to strengthen the overall metal content. Hence, jewellery starts from 22k for gold bracelets, bangles, and chains.

Stone-studded jewellery will use lower purities like 14k gold like diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, and diamond rings. We recommend looking for gold bracelets ranging between 14k-22k for durability and also an investment. You can check out this nice rose gold star bracelet from ARY D'PO if you're shooting for this range.

Check for Warranty and Return Policies

Before making such a significant investment, make sure you cover yourself from online risks. Check if the retailer or the company you are buying the piece from has a return policy or money-back guaranteed. Warranties are also imported because that means that your pieces are insured for a certain period of time. 

In Conclusion

The best thing about making an investment in gold jewelry is that gold will always be in fashion. You will enjoy such an investment for life and also pass them down to generations in your family.