If it is difficult to get through challenging tasks such as spending time on a particular project, reading for an exam, or at work, then you desire to boost your capability to concentrate. Concentration is the mental effort directed to whatever you are learning or working on. We sometimes confuse it with attention duration. However, attention span is the length of time one concentrate on an activity.

Factors affecting concentration

Factors affecting

Concentration and attention span differ for several reasons. For instance, some people struggle with distractions. Lack of sleep and age has a direct bearing on concentration.

The majority of people forget more easily with age, and low concentration accompanies a loss of memory. The following affect concentration: some mental health conditions and brain and head injuries like concussions.

We become frustrated when we attempt to concentrate to no avail, which ends up in irritation and stress. It makes it difficult for one to concentrate on the work at hand. This article explores methods that can aid us in improving our concentration. Also there are many of interesting writings on this topic at https://thesisgeek.com/.

Train your brain

Playing some games helps to improve our concentration. Games such as memory games, word scrambles or searches, jigsaw puzzles, chess, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku will help improve your concentration.

Have your game on

Brain games are not the only type of games that can boost our concentration. Research indicates that playing video games can also improve concentration.

Improve sleep

Depriving yourself of sleep will affect your concentration and other cognitive functions like attention and memory. Irregular sleep deprivations do not cause many concentration problems, but failing to get enough sleep regularly will affect work performance and mood.

Create time for exercise

Regular exercise has the potential to increase your concentration. In general, exercises are essential to everyone. The research found evidence to the effect that everyday physical exercise has the potential to improve attention and concentration with four weeks.

Spending time in nature

A simple way to improve your concentration is to spend time outside daily for 15 to 20 minutes. You can consider sitting in your backyard or garden and taking short walks through a park.

Try meditation

Mindfulness practices and meditation has several benefits, and boosted concentration is one among other benefits. A study conducted in 2011 found that mindfulness training emphasizing attention focus could help boost focus and attention.

Take a break

Taking a break from homework or work has the potential to boost your concentration. Breaks help rejuvenate your soul and body and make you ready to finish your tasks.

Listening to music

Listening to cool music as you work or while studying helps boost concentration. A study found out that, even if you do not like listening to music, listening to white noise or nature sounds to mask background sound helps boost concentration and other brain functions.

Vary your diet

The foods we eat have a direct impact on cognitive functions such as memory and concentration. Try to avoid the following categories: fatty foods, greasy foods, a lot of sugar, and processed food. The following food types will boost your concentration: spinach, blueberries, eggs, and fatty fish.

Drink caffeine

Research shows that caffeine boosts our focus and attention. Feeling that your concentration is getting low, then take a cup of green tea or coffee.