Fertility treatment
Miscarriage is a devastating experience that causes both emotional and physical ramifications. Unfortunately, these events are every day among California residents. When a couple experiences a miscarriage, the partners always feel hopeless and depressed. OC Fertility recognizes the widespread impact of pregnancy loss on a couple's well-being. Sharon Maori, MD, and Nidhee Sachdev, MD, spare nothing as they investigate to diagnose the potential causes of miscarriage in Newport Beach and use only the proven, safe, and efficient treatment procedures to address the unique situation of a patient.

The team at OC Fertility will help you develop a healthy baby and prevent the loss of your pregnancy – even if you have been experiencing repeated miscarriages. They provide dedicated miscarriage care at their Newport Beach, CA, office.

Causes of Miscarriages

Miscarriages are widespread – about 10 to 20 per cent of all pregnancies end up in miscarriage – and are not a sign that you did something wrong in getting pregnant. Sexual intercourse, exercise, or work will not harm your unborn baby. Instead, miscarriages usually occur because the fetus is not undergoing normal development, usually because of a missing or extra chromosome.

Other causes of miscarriage include:
  • Untreated chronic conditions
  • Issues with the cervix or uterus
  • Blighted ovum
  • Molar pregnancy
As you grow older, your risk for miscarriage rises. Your risk also increases if you have had a previous miscarriage. If your risk for miscarriage is high, or you have experienced repeated miscarriages, the OC Fertility team will assist you in protecting your unborn child.

How do you prevent a miscarriage?

If you are worried about your risk of miscarriage, contact the team at OC Fertility before getting pregnant. With their highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists, they can answer your queries you might have and increase your chances of a successful pregnancy. Suppose you or your family has a history of repeated miscarriage. If you are above the age of 35 or have a pre-existing health problem, consider contacting OC Fertility for pre-pregnancy planning. With this plan of care, your OC Fertility specialist will work with you to protect you and your baby's health and well-being.

The team also provides in-vitro fertilization services at their laboratories. With this opportunity, you will get genetic testing before the embryo's implantation in your uterus, ensuring it is healthy and assisting you in avoiding miscarriage.

When are miscarriages most common?

Most miscarriages happen before twelve weeks. That is why the specialists at OC Fertility provide first-trimester pregnancy follow-up to sustain your pregnancy during your first weeks. You visit their offices every one or two weeks during your initial trimester. At every appointment, your provider performs the required tests - like ultrasound and blood tests – to ensure your pregnancy usually develops.

During the 12th week of your pregnancy, the team at OC Fertility connects you with the right specialist to walk you through your pregnancy until delivery, whether that is a perinatologist or an obstetrician.

If you are at risk of miscarriage or require additional support to prevent miscarriage, call OC fertility or book an appointment online today.