Podiatry is a specific medical branch that deals with the diagnosis, research and treatment of any ailments of the foot and ankle. You go to a podiatrist if you have any disorder in your lower leg. They specialize in disorders like plantar fasciitis, Morton's Neuroma, flat foot, Achilles tendonitis, diabetes foot care or even hammertoes.
Foot Pain

Podiatrists also examine patient’s feet and advise them on footwear. In most people, poor choice in footwear cause most foot problems. You can even visit them if you suffer from heel pain, plantar warts, arthritis or any kind of infections. If you experience any kind of foot pain, it is a good idea to find a podiatrist. You can easily get a recommendation from your primary care physician. You can also ask your friends or family member for a good doctor. There are many podiatry clinics around Australia, and you can easily locate them through the internet.

Different Types of Skin and Nail Treatments

Podiatry services usually include skin and nail treatment. This can be very helpful for anyone who has hard, painful layers of skin on their legs. Usually corns and calluses appear like a hard lump on the foot. With proper treatment these can be easily cured. People also have fragile nails or infected toenails. With proper medication and these can be reduced. Any discomfort or inflammation that you may have will also go away after the treatment. Many people think they will be able to treat these types of ailments, themselves. But this is not a good idea as treating these ailments will require specialized equipment. Another reason why self-treatment is not a good idea is because often these conditions are linked to other problems of the body. The problem may be due to poor posture or wrong footwear. It can even be due to lifestyle. A podiatrist can guide you in the treatment and also make recommendations on what you need to change so that you avoid these ailments in the future.

Get Diabetic Foot Care at Your Nearest Podiatry Clinic

People with diabetes require constant treatment and care. Diabetic foot is one of the most concerning ailment for a diabetic. Taking care of diabetic foot is important and can result in complications in your feet if left untreated. You should stay in touch with your local podiatry clinic that offers this particular expertise in foot health. A good podiatrist will offer whole range of diabetic foot care. You can contact them for regular reviews and assessment of your foot. They should be able to provide you with specialist Endocrinologist. For patients with diabetic foot, it is important to optimize their foot health so that they can enjoy quality of life. If you are visiting a new podiatrist, they should start with an in-depth diagnosis. This way you will get a neurovascular assessment of your foot. They will also run different diagnostic tests that will help them assess your sensation and circulation.

Nail Surgery and What You Should Be Aware Of

Many patients with ingrown toenails have to undergo nail surgery to get relief. The condition which is called Onychocryptosis in scientific terms occurs when the nail’s edge grows inside the skin of the toe. This is a painful condition that can cause redness and swelling around the nail. You may need nail surgery due to poor nail cutting or because of your nail anatomy. Nail surgery is the safest way to cure a nail that has become ingrown. You can get this minor surgical procedure at your podiatrist. It is performed under local anesthetic.