Types of Projectors:

Due to increased demand for visuals, projectors have now become very important. Every event like a seminar, business meetings, live concerts, live festivals, and much more need a projector. Projector has now become a need, so the manufacturer of projectors used new technologies in projectors. The cost of updated projectors is cheaper than before.

Types of Projectors:

  • Digital light processing
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Light-emitting diode
  • Dome technology
All projectors have their advantages. In the case of specialty, Projector Hire play an important role. They have a special technical team to set the projector according to the size of the place and the quality of the image you desire.

Necessary Measures to Take Before Hiring A Projector:

Negligence in these factors can lead to the failure of your event.

Projector Bulb Life:

It is necessary to research about a bulb life of a projector before hiring it. If a projector has high bulb life don’t hire it. Its bulb can fuse in the middle if you are arranging any big event. Reliable rental companies will tell you in advance about the life of the bulb.

Transportation of Projector:

Still in most projectors use of bulb is common instead of LED. They are also fragile. Why you hire which won’t turn on again when you close it once?
Factors to Be Considered for A Big Event:

Bigger Screen for A Bigger Crowd:

You can manage a bigger crowd in a hall. A distance of people from the main screen is also more than in an ordinary room. So, the main screen must be big. But the screen is not the only thing to consider, the throwing distance of a main source “projector” is more crucial. The correct placement of a projector needs to be considered. If you want to fit projector at ceiling do consider the height of a screen and the ceiling.

Projector’s Brightness:

Projector Hire
Choose projector according to the intensity of light in room.
Factors to Consider for An Outdoor Event:


As in outdoor events use of light is more than in indoor. Especially if the event is in daylight. Projectors of high brightness are required.


It must be at least 1080 pixels. A resolution will measure how clear will be the image on a screen. For detailed images, high resolution is a key factor.
How Hiring A Projector Is Beneficial:

If you avail Projector Hire services, it will help you in arranging an event more effectively. They will send a support team specially designed to offer technical support.

Memorable Event:

A projector rental company can make your event memorable with quality equipment. The clear image on the screen without any disturbance is a key factor in the engaging audience. Visuals are related to our memory. Clear visuals increase our interest. Poor visuals or disruption in it can annoy the audience in seconds.

Multiple options:

You have multiple options of a projector rental companies. You have the advantage of going through each service, equipment, and details of their clients. There is also an opportunity of comparing rental prices and quality. In that case, you can hire the best company offering the best equipment at the best prices.


There are multiple types of projectors. So, it is necessary to go to that company which is offering you a wide range of projector screens and projectors. It will make it easier for you to choose a projector according to your venue. Different venues need different projectors as discussed in this article earlier.

Now we know the factors which need to be considered, benefits of Hiring a Projector, and types of projectors. Let’s discuss specific types of projector regarding their usage in different events.

LED Technology:

This technology can produce stunning images on the screen. It is a great option for a cooperate event like presentation or seminar.

LCD Technology:

This technology can produce multiple colors on screen. This projector is suitable for an activity like watching a movie on the big screen.

DLP Technology:

This technology produces high brightness on screen and very suitable for corporate events because of image clarity.

Doom Technology:

This technology produces a bright and clear image on a screen in an event having a lot of lighting. This projector is useful for outdoor events.


In this article, we have discussed the complete details regarding hiring any projector. EMS-Events is a projector rental company which is offering different kinds of projectors. The purpose of this article is to make a hiring decision easy for you. To enhance your knowledge regarding the benefits of hiring. It also clears which types of projectors are useful for which kind of events. This complete guideline will surely help you in making the right decision for your upcoming event.