In search of the fastest means by which you can convert your M3U8 files to MP4 freely and quickly on your PC without losing quality? Continue reading to discover how you can achieve this.

M3U8 is a plain text file used by audio and video players to describe where a media file is located on the internet. What this means, in essence, is that M3U8 gives you the URL link to stream a media file on the net. Thus, it's neither a video nor an audio file.

Although this feature of M3U8 is beneficial, especially when you don't want to have any files saved on your local drive. But then, you have to bear in mind that the internet connection does fluctuate at certain times or places, and you won't have access to view or stream the content of the M3U8 online. For this reason, finding an alternative means of storing the content in M3U8 files is essential.

According to JatApp, Converting the M3U8 to a prominent media format is the perfect thing to do in this scenario. Content stored in popular formats like MP4, MP3, and many others can be easily accessed on any gadget or portable player. Here, we are focusing on switching to MP4. Without wasting your time, let's dive in.

Part 1. Quickly Convert M3U8 to MP4 with Ease Using Aicoosoft Ultimate Video Converter

You must have a video convert before you can convert between media formats, for example, M3U8 to MP4. There are countless video-converting software online, but not all can execute the task as quickly as possible. However, there is one that has been tested by experts in the industry to be the best- Microsoft Video Converter Ultimate. This toolkit is a cross-platform software designed for multiple purposes, such as video editing, conversion, compression, and recording. You can also download HD-quality media files from over 1000 video-sharing platforms freely. It has a high operating speed because of the built-in GPU accelerator and multicore processor. End users don't have to worry about the quality of their files as the software is programmed to not compromise the quality; instead, it enhances quality. Another fantastic feature of the program is that you can carry out batch conversion: convert multiple files at a time.

Quickly Convert M3U8 to MP4 

Key Features of Microsoft Video Converter

  • Convert your M3U8 files to MP4 with zero quality loss. Also, you can select from thousands of media formats, such as MKV, AVI, FLV, and more, to convert your files.
  • Enjoy 30X conversion and compression speed when using Aicoosoft Video Converter. It is designed with a multicore processor and GPU accelerator.
  • Download video and audio files of your choice from over 1000 streaming platforms for free.
  • Microsoft Video Converter has an interactive user interface that lets you control everything on the software.
  • End-users do not need to register or create an account to use the software.
  • Import your media files using the drag-and-drop feature found on the user interface.

Part 2. How to Convert M3U8 to MP4 by Aicoosoft Video Converter

Check the stepwise guide below to understand how Microsoft converts M3U8 to MP4:

Step 1: Import the M3U8 File

Having downloaded and installed Microsoft Video Converter on your Windows or Mac OS, run the software to import your desired M3U8 file. Add a file by clicking on 'Add Files' or use the drag-and-drop feature.

Target Output Format

Step 2: Select your Target Output Format

Next, you must select an output format to convert your file. Microsoft Ultimate Video Converter supports thousands of media formats, but we are selecting MP4 here. So ensure that you pick the format you choose.

Step 3: Convert the File, then Download

Now that the software knows your preferred output format hit the 'Convert' button, and Microsoft will use the AI tech incorporated into it during development to execute the task. Wait a few seconds for the operation to complete, then hit the 'Download' button to export the result to your local drive.


Converting your M3U8 files to MP4 is easier and quicker than ever when you have Microsoft Video Converter. No quality loss during conversion or compression, experience high speed, and carry out batch conversions. Download and install a suitable software version on your PC and start converting between media formats. The software is highly efficient.