Ophthalmology Care
Ophthalmology care is not just concerned with general eye healthcare; it's a medical specialty that emphasizes the need for a wide range of subspecialties, including pediatric eye care, retinal disease, neuro-ophthalmology, and oculoplastic surgery. At IC Laser Eye Care, the team of highly skilled ophthalmologists strives to offer the most comprehensive ophthalmology care to patients in Hamilton, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia, NJ. To find out more about ophthalmology in Hamilton, or any other location across New Jersey, schedule a consultation at IC Laser Eye Care today through mobile or book online.

What Is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is the medical field that focuses on vision care and eye health. The expert ophthalmologists at IC Laser Eye Care are medical professionals with many years of experience in performing safe and effective general eye care services and subspecialties in ophthalmology.

These providers know how one's eyes coordinate with the nerves, blood vessels, brain, and the whole body. Therefore, they can develop a patient-centered treatment plan that gives you the most comprehensive solution for not only your eyes but the entire body.

What Are Ophthalmology Subspecialties?

The practitioners at IC Laser Eye Care have vast experience in multiple ophthalmic medicine fields, including the retina, which focuses on retinal damage, disease, or surgery. Neuro-ophthalmology deals with co-related eye and brain issues. For oculoplastics, the providers offer surgical repair of the periorbital and facial tissue surrounding the eyes. What's more, IC Laser Eye Care offers pediatric care for children's eye disease, congenital problems, and trauma; thus, you can rest assured that your child's eye health and vision care is in able hands.

Since it was founded, IC Laser Eye Care has been helping patients across all ages and walks of life with eye damage, disease, or all issues affecting any part of the eye. To stay abreast of their practice, the skilled eye surgeons here utilize some of the latest tools and equipment to perform a wide range of services.

When is an Ophthalmology Exam Necessary?

It varies from one patient to another. The team of eye specialists at IC Laser Eye Care perform cross-checks of your medical history and conduct evaluations into your eye problem and any possible risk factors to establish a suitable eye exam program for you.

Most patients are scheduled for an eye exam once per year, but one may necessitate less or more frequent eye exams depending on their age and circumstances. For instance, if you suffer a condition such as diabetic retinopathy, this calls for regular diabetic eye care appointments.

Those with age-related macular degeneration require disease management appointments to prevent the disease from developing further. All in all, getting regular ophthalmology exams is one of the best ways to maintain great eye and vision health.

When Does One Need Urgent Ophthalmology Care?

There are several circumstances or alarming symptoms that you should never ignore. These include instant or intensifying eye pain, eye injury, or chemical contact with your eye, sudden change in vision, particularly vision loss, seeing floaters or flashes, traces of blood in your contact lenses, or when something is stuck in your eye.

That said, IC Laser Eye Care is trusted to offer the most comprehensive ophthalmology care services. To request an appointment, call the office near you or use the online booking tool.