Bitcoin Simplified
There has been a lot going on in Blockchain over the last few years. Cryptocurrencies have flourished like never before, and most of the world is coming closer to accepting BTC as an accepted form of legal tender day by day. Countries like Estonia and the Philippines have shown remarkable support towards Blockchain endeavors, and many more countries support the cryptocurrency market out there and see some real potential. While some countries are still opposed to Bitcoin, they are expected to soon change their minds as Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies inch closer to receiving worldwide acceptance.

This also means that soon, everyone will, at the very least, have to be acquainted with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The sooner one educates themselves, the better in this field, as we may all be using it very soon. This article will help you understand exactly what Bitcoin is and how it works so that you have the basic information that you need regarding Bitcoin. To know more about Bitcoin, visit

What is Bitcoin?

Before getting ahead of yourself, the first thing to know is what exactly Bitcoin is. The best way to get acquainted with Bitcoin is by understanding how you can perceive one thing as two separate things simultaneously. Bitcoin, unlike any other concept in the world of finance, works both as a stock and a legal tender change.

You may have known for a while now that Bitcoin can be used to purchase and sell things. People are even able to convert a gift card to bitcoin if they so choose, with a handful of platforms supporting this. You will also want to know that the value of your Bitcoin is an ever-changing figure that heavily depends on the current market situation. Bitcoin acts like a stock as you can trade in it and keep it in the Bitcoin market to hold onto your value. Unlike traditional stores, Bitcoin does not give you dividends, but if you are keen on timing, you can profit by a much higher margin with Bitcoin than you ever can in the traditional stock market. Since the value of Bitcoin constantly changes, you need to know when to possess, hold on to, or sell your Bitcoin.

Where Do Bitcoins Come From?

One thing that we all know is that money comes from banks. Banks do not have an infinite supply of money, and there is only a limited amount of money in circulation at any given time. This is why not everyone can have any amount of money. If we apply the same logic to Bitcoin, it would not make sense as making virtual money should be seamless.

Well, yes and no. Bitcoin can be created just like that, but so can actual money. People often indulge in a long and tedious process called Bitcoin mining to obtain Bitcoin. This process is very famous, and more and more people have been dabbling in it. Alternatively, those who don't want to go through the whole mining process can buy Bitcoin with a bank account and decide whether to keep it, spend it, or trade it on. 

But the question remains: 'Where does Bitcoin come from?'. To understand where Bitcoin comes from and why it is precisely 'mined,' you must first consider it a resource. Imagine Bitcoin as a luxury resource in mountain-like diamonds or gold. One should mine as much of this resource as possible. That being said, mining such a precious resource is not easy either. Bitcoin mining used to be more accessible when Bitcoins were introduced. Still, only a limited number of Bitcoins are available on the Bitcoin Mountain, and every four years, the available Bitcoins are being halved. This is why you must have heard of Bitcoin prices spiking and following drastically.

What is Bitcoin's role in today's world?

What Bitcoin does in today's world may seem complicated, but the truth is that Bitcoin is just virtual money if you need it to be. The best part about Bitcoin is that it can serve multiple purposes to multiple people. Some people like to get into the market and use Bitcoin as a stock, while others are happy just hoarding it and keeping their unique Bitcoin codes out of circulation. These codes let you access your Bitcoins through a 'Bitcoin Wallet' you can procure from many sites.

Traditional Bitcoin miners are very few today, and the cryptocurrency mainly works through changing hands and its stock values. Various crypto-friendly cities and countries have opened up bars, bakeries, restaurants, and other amenities where you can pay via Bitcoin. This makes your transactions much smoother and keeps them off any official books. At the end of the day, Bitcoin is complicated, but to you, it can be anything you want.