When you cannot look after the car you have or want to replace it with a new one, the best option will be to sell it. However, selling a car is not an easy task. As the seller, you need to obtain permissions, certificates, and other essential documents so that you will not have to face any lawsuit later. 
Roadworthy Certificate

One such certificate that you need to have a seller is the roadworthy certificate or RWC. This certificate will ensure that your car is safe to be driven on the roads, and the buyer would not get into an accident because of a fault in the car at the time of selling. This certificate is issued after close inspection of all car parts, starting with the engine to the wheels and even the steering.

However, many car owners hardly pay any attention to the RWC and hence end up selling the car at a low price or dealing with lawsuits in the future. To save you from such complications, we have decided to discuss the benefits of getting a helpful roadworthy certificate.

It Will Save You from Lawsuits & Legal Complications:

When you normally sell a car neither you nor the buyer will know whether there is any faulty part in the car or does it require any servicing. Now, let's say that after driving for a couple of days, the buyer gets into a minor accident. He would have the authority to put the charge on your name if the accident was due to the car's fault. Under such scenarios, you will have to face a lawsuit, pay compensation, and might have to fight for your license. The best way to avoid such complications is by ensuring you have the helpful roadworthy certificate at the time of selling the car. This way even if the buyer gets into an accident, you will not have to answer because you already had the certificate at the time of selling and the buyer checked it.

It Ensures the Safety of the Buyer:

The RWC certificate will ensure the buyer's safety, which is indeed way above any other benefit for the helpful roadworthy certificate. The certificate will ensure that the car has no problem in it and hence one can drive it safely on the roads without having to fear for life. Thus, several countries have already made RWC mandatory at the time of selling a car to someone else. 
Safety of the Buyer

The Certificate Increases the Value of the Car:

A car is one such asset whose value will always deprecate in the coming years. This is why the standard selling price will be less than the costs you had to bear at the time of buying the automobile. However, a buyer can demand a rebate if you do not provide a helpful roadworthy certificate. The RWC certificate will help the buyer understand that your car is safe to be driven on the road, and hence he will be liable to pay the standard price of the model only.

Registration Under the Buyer's Name can be done Simultaneously:

When you make the helpful roadworthy certificate, you can file for the new registration of the car in the buyer's name at the same time. This will help you to avoid a lot of legal complications. You will be able to finish both works easily and within time to void any more time delay later on.


Here, in this article, you have come to know about all the benefits of having a helpful roadworthy certificate when selling the car, you have to a new buyer. So, we see no reason for you to ignore having the certificate and put yourself in more problems in the future. Just make sure that the certificate is given only after close inspection of all the car parts.