Smokeless Tobacco
Tobacco alternatives have two categories: smoke-producing tobacco alternatives and smokeless tobacco alternatives. Smoke producing tobacco alternatives include products like cigars, beedis herbal cigarettes, and others.

On the other hand, smokeless tobacco alternatives include some products that provide a fake chewing tobacco experience, such as snuffs, snus, dips, twists, plugs, and loose leaves. In case you do not want to consume tobacco in any form, you should look into drugs like CBD gummies for similar benefits.

This article today revolves around the different types of smokeless tobacco products and their details.

1. Snuff

Snuff is made by using pulverized or dried tobacco leaves. It comes in different forms ranging from subtle to coarse and dry to moist snuff.

Dry snuff is finely ground and is in powder form. It is usually consumed by placing it at the hand's back, or a particular snuffing device can also be used.

Moist snuff can be in a slightly coarse form. The consumer places the snuff between their cheek and gum.

The familiar snuff flavors include chocolate, coffee, Bordeaux, vanilla, cherry, orange, honey, plum, apricot, cinnamon, camphor, spearmint, and rose. Some modern flavors like bourbon, whisky, and cola have also been introduced.

2. Snus

Snus is a moist powdered form of smokeless tobacco and is placed inside the mouth between the upper or lower lip and gum by the consumer. It is not fermented and is steam pasteurized.

Snus has two types: loose and portioned snus. Loose snus is a powdered form and comes in containers. The consumer portions it into a desirable shape and places it in the mouth or uses a device. It is a more primitive form of snus.

Portioned snus comes in small tea bag-like pouches or sachets and is considered more convenient by many users. It is further divided into two categories: original portion and white portion.

The original portion is moisturized during the manufacturing of the product. It is a traditional form and has a brown color to it.

The white portion snus has a mild taste to it and is not moisturized during its manufacture, resulting in a dry white-colored pouch. Since the sachet is dry, the flavor delivery can be a little delayed.

3. Dips

Dip tobaccos are finely shredded tobacco leaves that come in small cans and are usually flavored. They have a somewhat grainy texture, and the nicotine content of dips is generally higher.

The different flavors that dips come in include natural, mint, fruity flavors, and wintergreen. Unlike other dip alternatives, it is finely ground and does not require any chewing.

4. Plug

It is a smokeless tobacco form where the leaves are pressed together to give it a block shape. The consumer bites of the block when using plugs.

5. Twists

It is a rope-like tobacco product and is twisted together. Unlike the other types, it is not sweetened and is consumed similarly to the plugs.

6. Loose-leaf

Loose-leaf tobacco is a commonly used form and has a shredded texture. The shredded tobacco leaves are mostly flavored, and due to this, it has a slightly sticky texture. They are sold separately in small pouches.